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Inspirational Story for Christmas

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Canada Day Challenge 2015

Open up the above link and explore this interesting challenge.  Let me know if you are interested in participating.
Proudly presented by the Department of Canadian Heritage, the Canada Day Challenge invites youth between 8 and 18 years old who live in Canada to express their pride in being Canadian by submitting an entry inspired by the theme STRONG. PROUD. FREE.  Enter the contest in the following categories:
-DRAW IT! (submit a poster design)
-SNAP IT!  (submit digital photographs)
-WRITE IT! (submit a piece of creative writing) 

You can view the videos by last year’s National Winners filmed during their trip below.

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 What is the gist of this video?  What is your opinion?

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Where in the world.......due Fri., Dec. 12th

December 7th - 1941 - A DATE WHICH WILL LIVE IN INFAMY

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Open the above link to explore some ideas for your Stop Motion project.

What special things do you do to get ready for Christmas?

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The True Meaning of Christmas

 What is Linus's message about the true meaning of Christmas? What is your opinion of his message? Post your answers and use quotes from Linus.

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Part One - Joy Day Scavenger Hunt - Watch the video below and listen to the song. What does Advent mean to you? How does the song relate to Advent? Post your response. You will get Part Two of our Joy Day Scavenger Hunt in class.  Remember to watch out for Scrooge!

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Update on Rosetta Probe

Open the above link and get an update on the Rosetta Probe landing.

Write a summary on the update and post. Make sure you include anything new.

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Pringles Chip Challenge

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The name of the mission (landing Philae on a comet) is Rosetta. It's named after the Rosetta Stone. The Rosetta Stone was an ancient stone that was used to decipher the meaning of Egyptian hieroglyphics. What do the two Rosetta's have in common? (Post your response.)

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The Halton Catholic District School Board will once again be running its ‘Keeping Christ in Christmas' student contest, which will run between November 14 and November 30, 2014. Students will have an opportunity to submit entries that best describe the theme of the contest, ‘Keeping Christ in Christmas’. The winners, one elementary student and one secondary student, will each receive an IPad Mini, donated by the OECTA Elementary and OECTA Secondary Units. The winners will have their artwork showcased on the Board's website, and will be recognized at a future Board meeting. All submissions will be featured on the Board’s website during the Christmas season.
 Previous Winning Submissions:

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Structures & Forces

Open the above link and complete all four activities.  Post one thing you learned in each section.

Open and explore the above links.  Post three interesting things you learned in each video.  You may use point form.

Forces of Nature
Open the above link and explore some forces of nature: 

Tornadoes, Volcanoes, Hurricanes, and Earthquakes

Pick two and compare their effects on structures.


Watch the above video and check out the History or Aviation poster in our classroom.  Do you think anything is missing?  (Post your response.)

Open the above links.  Using the information provided answer the following questions:
1.  What is an airfoil?
2.  How does an airplane fly?
3.  How does a bird fly through the air?
*Make sure all answers are in your own words.  You may add diagrams.

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A Wrinkle In Time

Would you eat the marshmallow?

Open the above link and watch a recent CNN report on The Marshmallow Experiment.
Watch the video below.

What is your opinion?  Explain.

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Where In The World....due Fri. Oct., 25th

 Note - We will watch the following video in class.

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Coming Soon - PBS Webinar

How We Got to Now: Innovative Ideas That Changed the World
Wednesday, October 22, 2014 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT
"Take a deep dive into the history of innovation with best-selling author and host of the PBS series, How We Got to Now. Your students will gain insight into the inventions that rocked the modern world and discover how to fuel their own creative ideas." (PBS/2014)

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We will be using microscopes in class next week.  Watch the above video and tell me three ways the microscope changed the world? (Post your responses)

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Best Buddies - Religion

Open the above link - Read the article and watch the video.

I think this is a very inspiring story.  Would you be interested in being part of the Best Buddies program?  Explain.  Post your response.

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TVO - Museum Diaries - DNA Dissected

Thanks to Mrs. Marentette for sharing.  We have extracted DNA from bananas before and so it was interesting watching the group of children extracting DNA from strawberries.  We will watch this together in class.

Flying Steps & Bach

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jackson Pollock

Monday, September 22, 2014

United Nations Climate Summit

On Tuesday, September 23rd, more than 120 world leaders will convene for the United Nations Climate Summit.  A new global climate treaty is expected to be created by the end of 2015.

Thousands joined marches held around the world on Sunday, September 21st., in a lead-up to the UN summit which will take place in New York.  More than 3,000 activists demonstrated at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, "against what they say is the government's indifference to environmental matters." (Toronto Star)  The event was part of the People's Climate March, which took place in various cities around the globe.

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The Dragon Tree

Open the above link and explore the Top 10 New Species for 2014.  Out of the ten species that were chosen which one do you find the most interesting?  Explain why.

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Where in The World - due Fri., Sept. 19th


Thanks to Noah who presented us with a riddle which opened up all kinds of questions.  I have included an article and video above which may clarify some of the information which students were sharing - especially Lucas who seemed to have a lot of background knowledge.
What kind of character traits do you think an individual would possess who explores The North Pole?  Post your response.

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The Fourteenth Goldfish



1.  Watch the book trailer for The Fourteenth Goldfish.  
2.  Read the articles on animal regeneration and watch the video about the 'immortal jellyfish' (Turritopsis nutricula or Turritopsis dohrnii).
3.  How do the articles and the video connect to the book?  Use details from the book, articles, and video - in your response.  

To assist you - Open the link below and watch the lesson on writing a response using evidence from the text -

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Watch the video and open the links above and explore....Are you a super taster?.....dogbreeding and more!


From the BBC’s Life series, two weedy seadragons dance into the night
Living off the coast of south Australia, weedy seadragons (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus) are the only known species along with sea horses and pipefish – where the male carries the eggs. Although the eggs start out in the female, she lays about 120 of them onto the tail of the male where they are then fertilized and develop until they hatch. 
Feeding on plankton, larval fishes and small shrimp-like crustaceans, seadragons resemble swaying seaweed making them difficult to find in their natural habitats, even though they can grow to about 46 cm in length.

What characteristics do you observe in the weedy seadragon and the komodo dragon that you observe in dragons? Post your answers.

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Genetics for Students



Open the above links and learn more about genetics.  Post five things you learned and found interesting.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Dear Students,
Junior suggestions include:
- two 1.5" binders - one is for french (no zippers please) 
- a package of 8 dividers or you may make your own
- a package of lined paper (to be kept at home or in your locker and refilled as needed)
- calculator (for basic operations)
- a protractor
- highlighters
- post-it stickers (Dollar Store)
- a 2-5 GB memory key for saving work on the computer would be an asset, but is not necessary

Note - Please try and have supplies by Monday, Sept. 8th.  I will supply pencils, erasers, rulers, pencil crayons, and glue, but if you prefer to use your own supplies that is fine as well. 
Students are always encouraged to have reading material at their desk.  This routine will begin on the first day of school!  Reading material may be brought from home or borrowed from the classroom library.  As well, students will visit the school library weekly and may take books out throughout the school year.
 Please note you will be assigned a
locker on the first day. 

Thank you!

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Open the above link and explore.
Dragon Genetics - We will be hatching dragon eggs over the next two weeks.
 You will be learning about Mendelian genetics. 
Using a key you will determine your "baby dragon's" genotype and phenotype. 
 Possible dragon features: long/short neck, red/white eye, horn-present/absent, fire breathing/not fire breathing, green body/gray body, long tail/short tail, spikes on end of tail/no spikes, red wings/yellow wings, three toes/four toes, yellow belly/white belly, black tail spikes/red tail spikes, freckles/no freckles, X = X chromosome/no ear frills (XX = female) Y = Y chromosome/ear frill present (XY = male) 
 So many possibilities....What kind of dragon will you hatch? 

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"Like a girl......"

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The Big Day

Thanks for inviting me to the wedding. You all did a wonderful job of making this event such a special occasion.  Katherine's King Blob creation was exactly as I pictured him.  Check in for an actual video of the big day.  Thanks to our wedding photographer Aidan!  The bridesmaids looked lovely.  The highlight for me was when Luke caught the wedding bouquet!  Congratulations Amanda.

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2014 Eggstravaganza

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blender Presentation - by Aidan & Kyle


Open the above link and watch Aidan's and Kyle's Blender Presentation.  We are planning on continuing with a Blender Club next year.  Let me know if you are interested.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


After watching the video below open the link and read about the history of dance. Post 5 things you learned about the history of dance. Cross-reference with another student and see if you came up with the same list. Discuss with your partner.

How is dance used in popular culture? How is dance used to communicate a message?

Congratulations Katie!

Congratulations once again to Katie Brent who attended the Burlington Gifted Program from grade 5 to 8. Katie won awards last year for her innovative Science Fair Project which she presented to our class.  We look forward to Katie's visit on June 20th where she will share her latest innovative and award winning project.
Burlington students win awards at Canadian science fair
Burlington Post
Two Burlington high school students combined to win three awards at a recent national science fair.
The local duo was among a group of 20 students who represented Halton Region, Hamilton, Haldimand, Norfolk and Brant counties, and Six Nations at separate Canadian and international science competitions.
At the Canada-Wide Science Fair, held May 10-17 in Windsor, Ont., Katie Brent of Notre Dame Secondary School won a bronze medal and a special award while Caroline Mahut of M.M. Robinson H.S. won a bronze medal.
Brent, in Grade 10 at Notre Dame, won bronze for her project entitled Telemetric Vest: Wearable Computing for Patient Welfare.
She also won the Australian National Youth Science Forum Award for the same project. It comes with an invitation to participate in the Australian National Youth Science Forum in January 2015, with a value of $2,500.  Brent also received a Gold Merit Award, ArcelorMittal Dofasco Information Systems Award, Dr. Tunks Innovation Award, Primary Fluid Systems Engineering Awards (first), Professional Engineers of Ontario – Hamilton/Burlington Chapteber Awards (third), Procor Engineering Awards (intermediate) and Colin O’Flynn Electrical Engineering Award.  
Mahut, in Grade 9 at M. M. Robinson, won bronze for her project Feeding, Fueling and Forging the Future.
Bronze medals come with a $100 cash award and a $1,000 scholarship.
Brent, Mahut and the other area students who participated in the Canadian or Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (May 11-16 in Los Angeles) qualified based on their results at the 54th annual Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair (BASEF) held in Hamilton in March.

2013 Project

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Get Ready for Foo Day on Mon., June 23rd.

 Note: You actually place inig before every vowel that is heard. This video may help those of you just learning Foo. All of the grade six students know how to speak Foo so they can help you as well. Dinigon't  winigorrinigy -  yinigou  winigill  kninigow  inigit inigin  ninigo  tinigime!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A School in the Cloud

  "The Victorians were great engineers. They engineered a [schooling] system that was so robust that it's still with us today, continuously producing identical people for a machine that no longer exists."  (Sugata Mitra)
Watch the above video.  What is your opinion on Sugata Mitra's TED Talk? (Post your response).

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Torch Run

Open the above link and explore.  Answer the following questions:
1. What is L'larche?
2. Who is Jean Vanier?
3. How does L'arche tie into Catholic values and beliefs?

Ontario Election


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June 6th - The Longest Day...

"On June 5th and 6th, World War II veterans and world leaders will come together in France to mark the 70th anniversary of D-Day. To mark this historic event, CBC News launches the special multiplatform project D-DAY LIVE.

Imagine going back in time 70 years to June 6, 1944, and reliving the events of D-Day in real time. Using modern technology, CBC News will help you do exactly that. CBC News will be re-creating the events of this pivotal World War II event in an interactive breaking news timeline, online and on CBC News Network, CBC Radio, and during CBC Television live special programming. If World War II had happened in a multi-media era, this is how CBC News would have covered it."
                                                CBC Media Centre - Press Release

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Time-Lapse Earth homage

With footage taken from the International Space Station, NASA fan Bruce W Berry Jr cleaned up and created this Time-Lapse | Earth homage. The location views are listed in order:
1. A Jump over the Terminator
2. Sarychev Volcano
3. From Turkey to Iran*
4. Hurricane Irene Hits the US
5. Indian Ocean to Pacific Ocean Through the Cupola*
6. Central Great Plains at Night*
7. Aurora Borealis over the North Atlantic Ocean*
8. Aurora Borealis from Central U.S.*
9. Up the East Coast of North America*
10. Myanmar to Malaysia*
11. Western Europe to Central India
12. Middle East to the South Pacific Ocean
13. Aurora Borealis over Europe*
14. City Lights over Middle East*
15. European City Lights*
16. Northwest coast of United States to Central South America at Night
17. Moonglow over Canada and Northern U.S.*
18. Stars from the Pacific Ocean (1)
19. Stars from the Pacific Ocean (2)
20. Stars from the Pacific Ocean (3)
21. Stars and the Milky Way over the Atlantic*
22. The Milky Way and Storms over Africa (1)
23. The Milky Way and Storms over Africa (2)
Footage Note: The slower video represents a closer resemblance to the true speed of the International Space Station; this footage was shot at one frame per second. Clips are all marked with an *.

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Happy Victoria Day!

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Mock Trial Preparation

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Where In The World....due Fri., May 15th

The rock cave at Massabielle, in Lourdes.  

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Hansel & Gretel - On Trial

Open the above links and watch the movie trailer and a full version of the fairy tale Hansel & Gretel.  In the Mock Trial Hansel and Gretel are charged with a number of offences.  What do you think they might be charged with?  

Inherit the Wind - Defence Lawyer

Who is the lawyer defending? What is the name of the famous lawyer the actor is playing? What is the gist of the lawyer's statements? Post your response.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Our Gifted Class by Mackenzie & Katherine

Ustream Preparation - Remember the Tree Octopus.......

In preparation for the Ustream discussion on water bottles (by St. Raphael's gr. 6 class) on Wednesday please review the link to the current Health Canada page about bottled water.  
Please pay particular attention to the scientific research on  bisphenol A (BPA), which is the subject of ongoing studies and is not present in the small water bottles that are used every day by so many people.  
See the link re. BPA from the Office of Science and Society of McGill University:


"In this article, Dr. Joe Schwartz helps to clear up the fog surrounding BPA. Dr. Schwartz notably points out that while science does not support fears in the popular press about BPA in everyday water bottles, he does believe that plastic water bottles should be “shunned” for other reasons."
                                                                                Joanne Marentette, PhD (Chemistry)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

                                  USTREAM Activity

On Wednesday, May 7th we will be posting questions for a USTREAM by St. Raphael's gr. 6 class.  Their discussion focuses on Global Awareness and "The World's Fresh Water Crisis and the Problem of Water Bottles". Open the link below to join the discussion on Wednesday.
             Circle of Respect # 5
 Topic:  The Fresh Water Crisis 

 1. After watching the videos, which video do you think appears to be more believable
2. After looking at the web site for charity water.org and the links listed relating to the second video, which video do you now think is more based on scientific research 
We talked briefly about the tree octopus and how important it is to verify information. Let's make sure we have some good questions ready for Wednesday (backed up with scientifically sound research).

Where is Sidi now? Update on Catherine Porter's Column - Apr. 26th, 2014

Open the above link and learn about recent events in Sidi's life.

Sidi, in the dark shirt, claps during a performance at a one-day festival in Dakar for talib├ęs — students at unregulated schools who must beg on the streets each day. Sidi doesn't go to school at all. He begs for his family.
We read about Sidi in an earlier column by Catherine Porter, a Toronto Star columnist living with her family in Senegal. Students met in groups and came up with fund raising activities to help send Sidi to school. 

Literature Circle Response - Due Thurs., May 15th

 Mind Muser Your task is to imagine you have the ability to appear as a character in your book. For example, you might be Kino’s brother from The Pearl, charged with helping Kino make it to the city to sell his treasure. Or maybe you’re Juliet’s sister from Romeo & Juliet, providing her with advice and solace. The idea for this activity is to allow yourself to get lost and absorbed in the world of your story and interact with its characters. You will appear as yourself, yet will be linked to a character(s) in a manner in which you see fit. You may also acquire skills or abilities based on the events in the text.

Task: Write a creative vignette (a short, descriptive literary text) using present-action language, engaging description, and lively dialogue where you’re experiencing the events of the reading alongside a character or characters. Flex your creative muscle and have fun. Your literary sketch should be at least 150 words.
(Post your response on Writer's Forum and add a graphic.)

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A Day at the Museum - Marie Curie

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Congratulations to the Senior Battle Of The Books Team

Congratulations to our fantastic Senior Battle Of The Books Team who came in second in the Burlington competition today. That is quite an achievement!  You demonstrated great teamwork.  I am proud of all your efforts.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Congratulations to The Amazing Junior Battle of the Books Team

Congratulations to our Junior Battle Of The Books Team who won the Burlington Championship.  The team won the Burlington Battle of the Books plaque which will be engraved with our school name for the 2014 school year.  Thank-you to the Burlington Central Library staff who provided each team member with a generous Indigo gift certificate. Keep up the great teamwork and enthusiasm.  Good luck at the Grand Battle in May.

Monday, April 21, 2014


 1. How far is Kepler-186f from earth?
 2. What is a light year?
 3. The Kepler spacecraft which discovered the planet, is unable to observe planets directly. How does Kepler identify details about a planet's existence? (Make sure you include specific, researched details.)
 4. How big is Kepler-186f compared to Earth? Compare the diameter of Earth to Kepler-186f.  5. Scientists "speculate that such planets could be just as habitable as our own, but there would be differences." What do scientists suggest these differences might be? Make sure you include plant life in your answer. 
6. What does astrophysicist, Sara Seager, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say about finding a close match to Earth? What does the James Webb Space Telescope have to do with the search for habitable worlds and how is Canada involved with the telescope?
 7. What is your opinion about the discovery of Kepler-186f?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Senior Battle of The Books

Congratulations to our Senior Battle of The Books Team who represented Canadian Martyrs so well and continue to move on in the competition.  Great teamwork and enthusiasm!  So many books, so little time.....

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Good luck to our Senior Battle of The Books team who compete tomorrow at The Burlington Central Library.  Check out your Battle of The Books blog for some new posts that may be helpful.  

Monday, April 14, 2014

First Nations Research - gr. 6

What is the important information about First Nations included in this video?  Record the key information in order. What was the most meaningful piece of information to you?  Post.
Open the above site and explore.  It is very interesting.

Ancient Civilizations Research - gr. 5

Open the following link and explore in order:
1. History Timeline
2. Ancient Greeks

Fill in the blanks from the information provided -

Where Western civilization began

Ancient Greece is called 'the birthplace of ___________ civilization'. About 2500 years ago, the Greeks created a way of life that other people ___________and copied. The __________copied Greek art and Greek _____.  For example, The Ancient Greeks tried out democracy, started the Olympic Games and left new ideas in __________, art and philosophy (thinking about life).

There's a Blood Moon Rising

Why do you suppose there are so many superstitions surrounding the moon? Watch the above video clip about the Blood Moons and listen to the song Bad Moon Rising. How do science and superstition differ in respect to the moon?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

In-Class - Where in The World...

Due:  Thursday, April 17th.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

2013 Mock Trial

April is going to be a very busy month. We are beginning our new mock trial of Hansel and Gretel. You may think you know the whole story but do you really?

7th Annual Eggstravaganza

Get your eggs ready for the 7th annual Eggstravaganza Event on Tuesday, April 15th. Bring in a hardboiled egg and your materials for Tuesday morning. You will have one hour to create the most interesting and imaginative egg possible. There are various prize categories: funniest, most creative, most lifelike etc. You may come up with your own category...I will supply the dye and I always have a couple of extra eggs on hand,  just in case!

Health - Food Factory

Open the above link and watch the video segment on Moo Moo Bars.  The way they are made is quite interesting.  Do you think Moo Moo Bars are a healthy snack?  They are sold at Goodness Me, a health food store in Burlington.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Junior Battle of The Books Team

2014 Battle of the Books Titles
Congratulation to our Junior Battle of The Books Team who came in first, in round one at the Burlington Central Library.  You demonstrated great teamwork and enthusiasm.  Go Team Go!