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OOEL - Listening to Neighbours' Stories

Open the above link and listen to Paul Salopek's advice about conducting interviews.  Also, take the time to read some of the interviews other students have posted on the Out of Eden Learn site.  You may want to try uploading an audiofile.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Why do planets appear to be round?

Thanks to Anderson for such an interesting presentation today.  Here is some more information about your main question.

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Health & Nutrition

1.  Click on the above picture and answer the questions on eating etiquette throughout the world.  How did you do?
2.  Simon's Daily Deal - Food Groups Game
Click on the above link and test your knowledge of food groups and servings.
3.  Click on the chart below for a link to The Canada Food Guide

4.  How much sugar are you really eating?
Click on the above questions and watch the video.  What is the gist of the video?
5.  Would you eat lab grown meat?
Click on the above question.  How is lab grown meat made and do you think it is a good idea? Explain.
6.  Nutrition Labelling - Canada
Open the above link and learn how to read the nutrition labels on your food.
7.  Food Labelling Game
8. Final Quiz - How nutrition savvy are you?

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sonic Magic: The World of Sound

We will be watching the above video in class.

Tell me 5 of the most interesting things you learned while watching this video.

D-Day Dodgers - Canadian History

I was reading an interesting Toronto Star editorial from Wednesday's paper about how we should remember and celebrate the remaining World War Two heroes (average age of 91) by "recalling a song they loved".  While reading the editorial I was reminded of an old song my grandfather enjoyed, "Lili Marlene".  The editorial also mentioned how popular the song "Lili Marlene" was and how it was a "universal soldiers' song".  Apparently, the song because it was so popular and well known was also used as a tune for soldiers (known as the D-Day Dodgers), who created their own lyrics.  I wasn't aware of the D-Day Dodgers and the connection to Canadian soldiers and I found the editorial very interesting so I proceeded to research and found an interesting video clip. (See above.)
Below is a link to the editorial from the Toronto Star, which further explains why they came up with the new version of the familiar, well loved soldiers' song, "Lili Marlene".


Monday, November 9, 2015

In Flanders Fields - 100th Anniversary

Remembrance Day

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This looks like a really interesting series. Watch the video clip and check out the overview on National Geographic Channel.  Has anyone seen any of the programs and if so what did you think?

Interactive Activities for Structures and Mechanisms (gr. 5)



Open and explore the above links.  Post three interesting things you learned from each game.
You may use point form.

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Where in the world.... - due Fri., Nov. 6th

Watch the above video and explore the link.
Science Activities
This flight simulation reacts to your choices regarding the elevator, ailerons, throttle and rudder.
Click on the HELP button for an explanation of each control.  Now, can you fly this plane?
Choose the setting and type of aircraft. Then choose the best wing speed and angle to make your
airplane fly.
Experiment with the forces of flight and design an airplane that flies faster and higher.