Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Open the above link and explore.
Dragon Genetics - We will be hatching dragon eggs over the next two weeks.
 You will be learning about Mendelian genetics. 
Using a key you will determine your "baby dragon's" genotype and phenotype. 
 Possible dragon features: long/short neck, red/white eye, horn-present/absent, fire breathing/not fire breathing, green body/gray body, long tail/short tail, spikes on end of tail/no spikes, red wings/yellow wings, three toes/four toes, yellow belly/white belly, black tail spikes/red tail spikes, freckles/no freckles, X = X chromosome/no ear frills (XX = female) Y = Y chromosome/ear frill present (XY = male) 
 So many possibilities....What kind of dragon will you hatch?