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Open the above link and watch the Civil Rights video (created using Animoto) at the bottom of the screen. We have an Animoto Education account. Explore the various techniques you can use to create videos using Animoto.


Science Assignment


Open the above link - Gr. 6 - Create a glog on biodiversity - make sure you include an overview of an animal classification system.
Gr. 5 - Create a glog on the brain.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Solar Oven & Pizza Recipe Samples

Open the above link and read over the information carefully. Define the following words using the articles: 1. solar gain 2. insulation

Cooking Pizza with a Solar Oven

Answer the following questions using the information from the articles:
3. A solar oven can reach temperatures of _________ or more, which is ____enough to cook food.
4. Allow the oven to preheat for ______to ______minutes.
5. The sun __________ _____________ so move your oven to _________ the sun for _____________effect.
6. The prime hours for cooking are between _______ and _______ as the sun is more directly ___________.
7. A ____________ or __________ under the box will keep the box _________ _______.
8. For greater ________ _____________ and better cooking ________, use a shallow,________ pan or dish inside the __________.
9. Use _______________ when working with shiny materials in _____________.
10. Solar ovens can get very ______! Use oven ______ or _________ to prevent burns.
11. A _____________ in the box will help you ____________ the ___________ the oven ______________.
12. _____________ flaps around your oven will __________ more __________ into the oven and make it __________.
13. Cooking with a _________ oven takes time, roughly _________ as long as a __________ oven. Don't worry about __________.
14. This prototype for a solar oven includes the use of black construction paper. Where is it placed in the solar oven and why? Why do they suggest you use black paper?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Discovery Presents : Earth From Space : Part 1 - due Tuesday, May 15th

Discovery Presents : Earth From Space : Part 1
Watch Part 1 to 4 of Earth From Space - Tell me what your learned and what you found especially interesting.

Math - POW - due Fri., May 18th


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Carpe Diem

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