Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Dear Students,
Junior suggestions include:
- two 1.5" binders - one is for French (no zippers please) 
- a package of 8 dividers or you may make your own
- a package of lined paper (to be kept at home or in your locker and refilled as needed)
calculator (for basic operations)
- a protractor
- highlighters
- post-it stickers (Dollar Store)
- gmail account for Google Docs and Google Slides etc.

Note - Please try and have your supplies by Monday, Sept. 11th.  I will provide pencils, erasers, rulers, pencil crayons, and glue, but if you prefer to use your own supplies that is fine as well. 
Students are always encouraged to have reading material at their desk.  This routine will begin on the first day of school!  Reading material may be brought from home or borrowed from the classroom library.  As well, students will visit the school library weekly and may take books out throughout the school year.
 Please note you will be assigned a locker on the first day.