Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Inherit the Wind - Defence Lawyer

Who is the lawyer defending? What is the name of the famous lawyer the actor is playing? What is the gist of the lawyer's statements? Post your response.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Spencer Tracy is acting the famous lawyer Henry Drummond.

The gist of his statements are that we have the right to learn about evolution and how animals have changed over time.

The lawyer is defending teacher Bertram Cates, or actor Richard Allen York, known as Dick York.

The video is a clip from the movie, Inherit the Wind.


Unknown said...

The actor Spencer Tracy is portraying the very famous lawyer Henry Drummond.

The gist of what Henry is saying is that we need to be open to others ideas, and not to be so reluctant to new things and changing ideas that we call them crimes and try to arrest people because of it.

Henry is defending a high school teacher by the name of Bertram Crates (played by a young Richard York,) who told students that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, where over a progression of time creatures will adapt to survive to their environment, was correct and that we evolved from apes. This goes against what we believe happened where god was the creator of man and everything else, known as creationism.

My personal opinion is that god created everything, but actually created an origin species which evolved into all the animals today. I believe this supports both creationism and the theory of evolution, and it is a happy medium between the two.