Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Update on Rosetta Probe

Open the above link and get an update on the Rosetta Probe landing.

Write a summary on the update and post. Make sure you include anything new.


lsilvestri04 said...

The ESA (European Space Agency) sent out the Rosetta Probe 10 years ago to answer these questions: where did we come from, and are we alone on the universe. The mission cost $1,750,000,000, and has travelled for 6,000,000,000 km through space. The probe (also known as Philae) weighs 100 kilograms, and successfully landed on the icy surface at 5:33p.m. after two bounces, one 1 km back into space landed on a comet called 67/Churyumov-Gerasimenko travelling 130,000 kph. ~Lucas

anotherfinekettleoffish said...

Yes, Lucas that is all true, but what has happened lately. Remember the Probe had issues when it first landed.
Your answer included interesting facts, but please add an update as to what is happening regarding the battery issue?