Friday, April 12, 2013

Uncle Drew - "I get buckets."

Maybe you can learn a few tips from Uncle Drew.


Unknown said...

Yes, I can learn a few tips from Uncle Drew. He can teach me how to dunk and improve my ball handling skills. I really enjoyed this video because I got to see some new moves!

Unknown said...

I learned one really interesting tip from Uncle Drew. It's that you should never underestimate the senior people. Also, I think this video is good for me because it teachs me how to dribble, shot and do lay-ups better! :D

Unknown said...

I learned that even though Uncle Drew is old, doesn't mean that he can't play sports any more. They can do almost as mush as they could when they were younger. They may even do some things better then people younger than them because they are more experienced.
He also taught me how to shot better, and some basketball tricks.