Friday, April 26, 2013

Literature Circle Activity - due Wednesday, May 1st

1.  Mind Muser – Your task after reading the assigned section of your book is to imagine you have the ability to appear as a character in the text. For example, you might be Kino’s brother from The Pearl, charged with helping Kino make it to the city to sell his treasure. Or maybe you’re Juliet’s sister from Romeo & Juliet, providing her with advice and solace. The idea for this activity is to allow yourself to get lost and absorbed in the world of your story and interact with its characters. You will appear as yourself, yet will be linked to a character(s) in a manner in which you see fit. You may also acquire skills or abilities based on the events in the text.

Task: Write a creative vignette (a short, descriptive literary text) using present-action language, engaging description, and lively dialogue where you’re experiencing the events of the reading alongside a character or characters. Flex your creative muscle and have fun. Your literary sketch should be at least 150 words.
(Post your response on Writer's Forum and add a graphic.)

2.  When you are done the above activity....Using the IPad and IMovie, create a movie trailer for your book.  Work together with your Literature Circle group.

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