Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hoot - Earth Day

Compare Hoot to The Lorax.  What is the main idea in each movie/book?  How are they similar and how are they different?


Unknown said...

The main idea in the movie the Lorax is there environment is totally gone and the people like it that why. They have not seen a real tree for so long that their younger generation has almost no mental picture of what a tree looks like. In the movie Hoot there is a piece of land that is inhabited with an endangered types of owls. A very popular pancake diner is going to be built right where these owls are. A group of kids try to stop and sabatoge the worker and there equipment to save the owls.

They are different because for one thing the Lorax is a cartoon and Hoot is not. Also, the Lorax is about the enviornment and Hoot is about saving endangered owls.

Luc said...

Ther main idea in each movie/ book is save the enviorment. The main difference is that in hoot they are people trying to save an animal from the pancake appocolapse, and in the lorax they are futuristic people trying to bring back the enviorment.

Unknown said...

I think that the main idea in both of the tralers is that they are both about saving our world from the destruction people do to it, like cutting down all the trees. By cutting down all the trees, we distroy animals habitats.

Olivia said...

The main idea in both is to take care of the environment but they are both a little different. Hoot is a bit more realistic than the Lorax because they are trying to save an endangered animal and in the Lorax the main character is trying to find a real tree because everything is plastic and you buy air.

Katherine said...

In Hoot, some kids are trying to save some owls. A pancake house is planned to be built right where some burrowing owls live. The kids want to make sure the owls don’t get harmed and that the construction of the pancake house won’t make the owls have to move.
In The Lorax, a boy goes to a man who lives outside of town to learn about real trees. The people in Thneedville don’t live with plants or trees (then really, they couldn't survive at all) so they don’t really know what nature is.
The main idea in each book/movie is about saving the environment (plants and animals).
Hoot is more realistic though, since some of the events could really happen.