Sunday, April 7, 2013

Where in The World....due Fri., April 12th

What were the structural challenges the architects encountered (use examples from the video)? What award did this structure win? Have you seen this building and what were your impressions? Are any of you interested in being architects and if so why?


Unknown said...

One of the structural problems that the architects encountered was that the building was harder to build because it was circular instead of square. They had to wait a year before they could start digging because they needed to figure out all of the architectural support stuff. This building won the Mississauga Urban design award. I have saw this building when going to Playdium. I think that this building has a really cool architectural design and I would love to live in it :3. I am not currently interested in being a architect, I want to be an electrical engineer.

anotherfinekettleoffish said...

Well done Kyle! I have seen this building as well. My aunt lives nearby. I always thought it looked so interesting and I wanted to find out more about it. I would love to see the inside of it.
Mrs. O'Hara

Unknown said...

This unique building won the Mississauga Urban design award. I never have seen this building before but it must be an experience to see!
The structural challenges the architects encountered were that the building is very difficult to build because it is very tall and twisty like a grape vine, and that it is not like an average structural design.

Unknown said...

Also I am considering being an architect designer because I like to build very complex houses in minecraft and with blocks.

Katherine said...

The architects had a difficult time figuring out how the building would be stable since it is not like other buildings because it had a circular base.
This structure won the Mississauga Urban design award.
I have driven by it I am told by my family, but I don’t recall seeing it.
This building looks really cool how is curvy and twisty. It has a very unique design.

Anonymous said...

The architects had a diffucult time because they were having trouble figuring out how they would make the building stable since it had a circular base.

This structure won the 'Mississauga Urban Design' award.

I have vaugley seen it while driving with my dad to some place that I can't remember, and I also remember questioning him about the building.

I am (Kind of) thinking of becoming an architecht because I can make very intricate designed buildings in the video-game, Minecraft (Which is certainly not like the real thing).


Amanda said...

This building is really cool looking because it's all twisty and curvy.
A structural problem with this building was that the base was circular instead of square which gave the construction workers a hard time and forcing them to wait a year before digging.
I have been to this building before because it's very close to my Dad;s work and once while we were having lunch together it was just out the window. Even though I didn't notice it my dad said it was there.
I think being an architect would be fun because I love building different houses on minecraft even though it isn't much like real life I love to build on it!!!!