Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What happened?

Watch the above clip. Research and see if you can find out what happened with the asteroid? Write a brief summary of what occurred? (Post your response.)


Unknown said...

Facts on the asteroid:
The asteroid was a 98 feet space rock.
The closest the asteroid ever got to Earth was about 217,000 miles (about 350,000 kilometers) from the Earth
It happened on Wednesday, March 5th, 2104
It hurtled between the moon, and earth at about 33,000 miles per hour
It came the closet at 5:07 pm.
The asteroid was known as 2014 DX110
The asteroid passed earth, at about 1pm
By: Eileen, and Amanda

Sara Marentette said...

The asteroid 2014 DX110 is a 100 foot asteroid. The closest it got to Earth was 217,000 miles (350,000 km) at 1 P.M. PST (4 P.M. EST), yesterday on March 5. It passed safely between the Moon and Earth, without any issues. It is predicted to pass again in 2032, in 19 years. There is a 99.998 percent chance that there will be no impact from that pass either.

Sara Marentette said...

That was me and Katherine.

Unknown said...

This asteroid, called DX110, just missed Earth by 345 600 kilometers. It was in between Earth and the moon! They found out about the DX110 in late February, and it passed Earth on March 5th. You probably wouldn’t have been able to see the asteroid from your backyard, because it would have been too dark. Since there is no sound in space, you wouldn’t have been able to hear it either.
Beth and Arabella

Unknown said...

An asteroid really did pass the Earth yesterday.

The name of the asteroid was DX110

The asteroid, came within 217,000 miles (350,000km) of the planet on March 4th 2014 at 9.07pm. If DX110 hit Earth, the crater would have had a diameter of about 600m. The risk of the asteroid hitting Earth is one-in-ten-million. It’s an Apollo class asteroid.

The 2014 DX110 asteroid has a fairly brief orbit around the Sun – just 1,192 days.


By: Mackenzie and Xavier

Unknown said...

The asteroid, titled 2014 DX110, passed earth at about 33,000mph (miles per hour) on March 5th, which was yesterday. The asteroid was in between the moon’s orbit and the earth, at a distance of 217, 000 miles away from the earth (the distance between the earth and the moon is about 239,000 miles.)
The asteroid did not hit the earth, or affect the earth in any way, as scientists predicted. It was detected and recorded by the ‘Slooh Online Skywatching’ website, and you can now search the video on youtube. The asteroid was about 100 feet long.

-Aidan the Astronomer and Kieran the Star-Gazer.

TheBloggingWorker+ said...

The asteroid 2014 DX110 came very to the earth. It's size is about 20-40 metres. It came closer to the earth than to the moon.

Unknown said...

Asteroid That Passed Earth - What Happened?
By: Cat and Natalie

Our Assignment:
Watch the above clip. Research and see if you can find out what happened with the asteroid? Write a brief summary of what occurred? (Post your response.)

Our Information:
The DX110 is the name of the asteroid that passed in between Earth and the moon within 24 hours, at 217,000 miles away (98 ft) at around 4 pm. That's almost nine-tenths of the distance between the moon and Earth!
(there was a cool picture here that showed distance between earth and asteriod )http://www.google.com/url?q=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.wkyc.com%2Fstory%2Ftech%2F2014%2F03%2F04%2Fasteroid-flyby%2F6041453%2F&sa=D&sntz=1&usg=AFQjCNHdap6zEwYTwwPem4gAJdLyM_-3og

TheBloggingWorker+ said...

I did not finish...

Amanda said...

http://www.cbsnews.com/news/asteroid-will-pass-close-to-earth-on-wednesday/ 2014.03.06
http://www.nasa.gov/jpl/asteroid/asteroid-2014-DX110-20140304/#.Uxi9KDu1HTo 2014.03.06
http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/03/05/another_earthskimming_asteroid_on_the_way/ 2014.03.06

Eileen & Amanda's Bibliography

Unknown said...

The asteroid was called “asteroid DX110”. It past by the earth yesterday. The asteroid is approximately 98 ft across. asteroid travelled at 33 000 mph and did not hit earth.
-Me and Luke

anotherfinekettleoffish said...

Good work, especially under the time constraints.

Unknown said...

This sounds interesting oh and are we in partners or something

David said...

Asteroid 2014 DX110 is about 30 metres long. The asteroid passed earth on March 5th 2014. It got as close as 350,000 kilometres to earth. The asteroid came closer to the earth than the moon. NASA predicted that there would be a very low chance of the earth hitting the asteroid. Asteroid 2014 DX110 is also an Apollo-Class Asteroid. At the time, you would not be able to see it with your eyes.

David said...

That was me and Andra.