Sunday, April 3, 2011

Where in the World? - due Friday, April 15th


Shaylen said...

This comment is for Alex ONLY:
Alex you will need is,
1. A Dollar Store canvas (the smallest size)
2. Three pieces of scrapbooking paper that go well together
3. Sticker letters from Michaels or the Dollar Store (What every you like)
4. And a paper Punch (But ONLY if you HAVE one, they coast to much to use only once)
Have a great trip,

Anonymous said...

By: Taylor Wilson

-The cavern was found inm 1927 and is 927 feet above see level it would make most people think that its underground but its not and thats why they call it cave hill!!!!!!!!

-Because the stalagmites are fully grown the pipe organ never needs to be tuned!

-The stalagmites are grownin this area of the cavern but nost stalagmites grow about 1 cubicinch in 120 years!

Taylor Wilson

Anonymous said...

Located in Virginia
invented in 1954
invented by Mr. Leland W.
Mr. Leland W. lives in Springfeild
it took him 3 years to finish
Mr. Leland plays the stalagpipe organ for visiters
the sound is created by a rubber mallet striking a stalagtite

Anonymous said...

Mr. Leland shaved down the stalaqgtites before using them.
(last minute fact)

Hannah said...

- Luray Caverns in Virginia was discovered in 1878 by a tinsmith and a local photographer.
- It was invented in 1954 by Mr. Leland W. Sprinkle
- the Organ is the world's largest musical instrument using 3 acres of stalactites
- It is still an active cave. Stalactites accumulate one cubic inch every 120 years.
- This cave is actually above sea level.

Daniel said...

April 11 2011

The Great Stalacpipe Organ is located in Luray Caverns, Virginia, USA. It is operated by a custom console that produces the tapping of ancient stalactites of varying sizes with solenoid-actuated rubber mallets in order to produce tones. The instrument's name was chosen from the resemblance of the selected thirty-seven naturally formed stalactites to the pipework of a traditional pipe organ along with its custom organ-style keyboard console. It was designed and implemented in 1956 over three years by Leland W. Sprinkle inside the Luray Caverns near Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, USA.

jellygirl said...

This weeks "Where In The World" is "The Cavern" located in Virginia and over 480 million years old. 164 feet below the ground there is the oddest but yet the most interesting of instruments. The largest underground Organ that makes it's sound by tapping the crystal statilites above. It was first discovered in 1878 by Lelonde Sprinkle who sanded the crystals to they're perfect tune and since they're dead they stopped growing and they'll never have to be tuned again.

Hannah said...

Shaylen, is your comment to Alex for the dream thing?

Shaylen said...

Yes the comment that says "This comment is for Alex ONLY" is the one for everyone who wants to do the DREAM collage thing. I wrote that when she was away sorry.

Hannah said...

No problem, thanks.