Sunday, April 3, 2011

Math - POW - due Thurs. April 7th

Watch the following video and explain how mathematics and music are intertwined.

Daily Planet | Math and Music


Unknown said...

That is really cool!

-Kieran :)

3DS Updaters said...

There are several ways in which music and math are related. Each bar represents four beats unless otherwise noted at the beginning of each clef. Each note represents a period of time from one quarter beat to four full beats. Your sheet music tells you how quickly to play each note, turning basic math into a satisfying sound.

Anonymous said...

michael b
math is intertwined with music in the sense that when playing an instrument in 4/4 time the usual "pattern", playing another instrument in 3/4 time, a time that the two will not line up right away will sound good. In the video they say that this is becuase of the way that music is in a way heard as math.

tatertoter said...

By : Taylor Wilson


Math and music can be related in many ways. Like how there are four beats in one bar, or how a quarter note is three fourths of a note or how each note is a different amount of time and pitch.

Taylor Wilson

Hannah said...

Music and Math
By: Hannah
When you listen to music you are actually reacting to math. Math and music can be related. For example, every note represents a certain ammount of time from one quarter beat to four full beats, also, Every bar in sheet music represents four beats. Music is actually basic math.