Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Eggstravaganza - Wednesday, April 20th

Get your eggs ready! The third annual Easter Eggstravaganza Contest will take place this Wednesday. You will need to bring: two hardboiled eggs, egg decorations/accessories, & your imagination! Contest categories include - Most Colourful Egg, Most Creative Egg, Funniest Egg, Most Human-like Egg, & Oddest Egg

See examples from previous contests in the Blog Archive. (You may share materials, but each of you is responsible for your own egg design.)


Unknown said...

Yes! I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO wanted to do this.

-Kieran :)

Anonymous said...

It was SSSSOOOOOOO much fun last year

Olivia said...

Fun this year, and last!

:D said...

I am still way more weird