Thursday, October 11, 2012

'How to Train Your Dragon' Trailer HD


mitchell said...

5 things I learned

1.Komodo draghons can run faster than most humans
2.THey are cannibalistic
3.they live in trees
4.they are very agressive
5.They are very protective aswell

Amanda :D said...

Swedish Short-Snout 2012.10.12

The Swedish Short-Snout is a silvery-blue dragon. Length of an average adult Swedish Short-Snout 22ft long. It has a very powerful flame which is a brilliant blue colour but beware it is very VERY hot!!! This dragon also has one large horn on top of it’s head this horn is usually used for fending of the other dragons. It has around 48 large teeth including 2 huge fangs in the front. It has no arms just wings but, it does have feet with 3 toes. The Swedish Short-Snout is an amazing dragon!!!! :D

Lindsay :D said...

Hungarian Horntail 2012,10,12

Hungarian Horntails are considered to be the most dangerous dragon alive. They have black scales, a spiked tail, and bronze horns coming out from its head. I has yellow eyes with black slits for pupils. Its roar is a screeching scream and its blue yellow flame can reach to about fifty feet. Its eggs are cemet coloured with very hard shells, and Horntails are extremly fast and can catch up to a firebolt broomstick, a broom capable of going from 0 to 150 miles per hour in ten seconds. The Hungarian Horntail is an amazing dragon and it’s beautiful in its own way.

Mitchell said...

The Wyvern dragon, the biggest, was a dragon about 45 ft tall yet it weighs about 31 lbs because of it's hollow bones and it can still fly because like the birds that take after it, (hawks mostly), it has wings about double it's size. It has an oily black sheen and it's abdomen is littered with Saphires and Emeralds. It can fit an Elephant in it's mouth. It can breath fire because of its gas pocket and spark pouch, a small peice of flint behind the top front tooth. Overall it's a remarkable creature.