Wednesday, October 10, 2012


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Dragon Genetics - We will be hatching dragon eggs over the next two weeks. You will be learning about Mendelian genetics. Using a key you will determine your "baby dragon's" genotype and phenotype.
Possible dragon features:  long/short neck, red/white eye, horn-present/absent, fire breathing/not fire breathing, green body/gray body, long tail/short tail, spikes on end of tail/no spikes, red wings/yellow wings, three toes/four toes, yellow belly/white belly, black tail spikes/red tail spikes, freckles/no freckles,
X = X chromosome/no ear frills (XX = female)
Y = Y chromosome/ear frill present (XY = male)
So many possibilities....What kind of dragon will you hatch?


Unknown said...

1. Komoto Dragons are the largest lizard type in the World.
2. They have bacteria in there mouth.
3. Young go in trees for 2 years to protect themselves.
4. Komoto Dragons are cannibals.
5. Komoto Dragons can run faster than most humans.

Unknown said...

5 Things I learned About dragons

Every culture has dragon myths.
Dragons are actually possible.
Many cultures thought that they had dragon bones, but they where just whale.
there are many different types of dragons. even though cultures never connected they still had very simmilar myths.

Anonymous said...

1. Chinese dragons cannot fly.
2. That there are 4 types of dragons. Mountain,forest,Marine and prehistoric.
3. That the oldest dragons came from 4000 to 5000 B.C.
4.The Hydra from greek mythology was actually a dragon.
5. A dragon from Sumar was 50 miles in length.

Katherine Mann said...

1.Komodo Dragons can smell a dead carcus from many kilometers away.
2.Forest dragons live in the woods.
3.They have short wings and were able to fly significant aerial distances.
4.Mountain dragons had 2 sets of legs.
5.Their body was short.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Hungarian Horntail Dragon

The Hungarian Horntail Is a large dragon That can breathe deadly fire. They have Many spikes and spines running down their backs. They have multiple horns on their heads. Their thick scales colour vary from red, black and deep orange. Their fire can reach a searing 13 000 C. He has green eyes, and a mane of spikes. They have a large, razor sharp horn on the end of each wing. The wingspan of the dragon can go from 15 ft. To 75 ft. Their wings are leathery and bat-like. In their mouth, they have teeth that can slice through most materials. On their feet, they have claws the size of bread knifes. On the end of their tail, they have a diamond shaped large scale. On it are 3 distinct spike on each side. Each one is serrated, and are excellent for cutting large chunks of meat. They prefer mountainous habitats, but will occasionally find their home in plains. They tend to be smart like crows, and are able to communicate in their own language(consisting of roars and growls).

Abbileigh said...

Hebridean black

This dragon is fully black that looks like a very dark navy blue. It’s eye colour is red, it’s wings are very large, and it has big horns on the front of it’s head that go 1/4 down it’s back. The Hebridean dragon can grow to be 30 feet long! The dragon has dark ridges along it’s back that lead to a tipped tail with an arrow-shaped spike.

Livi said...

The Norwegian Ridgeback is a rare dragon breed from Norway. It resembles the Hungarian Horntail but instead of tail spikes Norwegian Ridgebacks have black ridges on its back and the browner texture in its scales. Ridgebacks have very venomous fangs, and as an adult can grow up to 35 feet long. Ridgeback eggs are black and when the dragons hatch they resemble ‘a crumpled black umbrella.’ The Norwegian Ridgeback is an amazing dragon!