Sunday, October 28, 2012

Canada - Gr. 5

Watch the above video.  Post 3 things your learned.


Abbileigh :) said...

I know that the capital of Canada used to be in N.O.T.L but they moved the capital to ottawa because it was too close to the U.S. Canada won the war of 1812. an estimated 22,200 people died

portia harrington said...

By: portia H.
1. I learned that in 1812 the U.S.A. invaded our land
2.I learned that during the war the canadians joined together with other tribes to go againset the U.S.A
3.I learned that the canadians won the battle for their countrie.

Claudia said...

1.I learned that there was a war in 1812.
2.I learned that Canada and U.S.A had a war.
3.I that U.S.A came here on a boat.

Eric said...

yes because canada is a peaceful and free country. The mojority of people have a roof over there head food to eat and clean water to drink.

Luke said...

1. I learned that the general of the canadian army was Isaac Brock
2. I learned that the canadians fought with the natives
3. I learned that the general of the american side was Charles de Salaberry