Thursday, March 8, 2012

The World Education Games 2012

What did you find most interesting about The World Education Games? In your opinion what were the 5 most interesting countries you competed with? Would you like to participate in the games next year? Explain why or why not.


Kyle said...

The most interesting thing about the world education games was getting to compete with different countries and cultures. The 5 most interesting countries I competed with were Pakistan, Wales, Turkey, Germany, and Gibraltar. I would like to compete in the games next year because I found most of the questions very fun to answer and it makes me learn a lot of educational things that I didn't know before.

Sam said...

I found the world science day interesting because we did not take place in world spelling day world math day was not my style because I'm not so good at math. then world science day topped it all I got a highscore and beat many of my opponents it was fun and entertaining and educational


What I found was the most interesting about the World Educations Games was that players could compete against other players from across the globe. This year, I only played 5 countries which were:
I think that I would enjoy this experience again next year. It was fun how I could choose which level I wanted to play at.

Lindsay said...

The thing I found most intersting was that you can actually play with kids from different countries! I didn't get to compete with many people because my computer wasn't working but I did play with someone in Ireland and someone in the USA. I would totally like to play in the games next year again because the games aren't too hard but they do make you think. I also want to play again next year because it is really cool playing with kids from different countries.

Kove Once said...

The most interesting thing about world education games were compeating with several different countries.
The five most interesting countries were Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany, and Pakastan.
I will compete next year because the questions are chalenging and interesting, because one was
Moisqutoes like to bite people with smelly feet. True, or False? Turns out, It was TRUE!

luc once said...

The most interesting thing to me was the avatars. the 5 best countries that i verced where England, the US, Japan, Switzerland and Turkey. I do not want to do the games again next year because i feel that it is completely unnessisary and a wast of my time, and I would rather be doing none timed activities because timed things stress me out.

Olivia said...

The most interesting thing about the world education games for me is how many kids from different countries compete! I only played about five countries which were England, Ireland, Portugal, Canada, USA, and I forget the last one but I think it was North Ireland, or Scotland. I really forget. I would like to compete next year because its fun being able to play with people around the world. It's really fun and makes you think!

Bianca once said...

I found that the most interesting thing about the world education games was how many people are competing in the games. I thought that it was very cool competing against people all around the world. I only competed against a few countries but the ones that I thought were the most interesting were Pakistan, Canada, Ireland, England, and U.S.A. U.S.A and England kept beating me!!! I hope I can do it again next year and if so, I can't wait to do it again. I thought that they were really cool and fun, I thought so because the questions were not too hard and it was kind of fun to make an avatar!