Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NASA | Evolution of the Moon

What is your opinion of this video?


Kyle said...

I think that this video is very cool and interesting. I agree with NASA about how the moon formed but the video didn't look to realistic. Overall, the video had AWESOME video editing! :P

Im the TayTay of the TayTay said...

I think this was a awesome video. This video showed and gave the watcher an interesting video but also didn't have to much detail but was still realistic and interesting. Overall I enjoyed this video and think that it looks much better in full screen.

Michael Bianchi said...

I think that this video was a good representation of how the moon was supposedly created. I enjoyed how this video showed the evolution of the moon at just the right speed, if the video was really fast, it might not make any sense, or just wouldn't look good. If it was tooo slow, it would drag on and I would prbably lose intrest quickly. Over all I thought this video was excellent.