Sunday, November 13, 2011

Anti-Bullying Week

Hello Everyone!

As we approach Bullying Awareness Week let us reflect on some of the decisions we have made. Let’s put an end to bullying … together!

How do the lyrics in this song apply to anti-bullying?


tatertoter said...

In my oppinion these lyrics relate to bullying because the song repeatedly say stand by me. in my oppinion this in a way means stand by me when times are times are tough like a friend

Someone you don't know said...

I think that the lyrics relate to bullying because the songs name is "Stand By Me" and I think that it was named that because it's probably an anti bullying song. Also when your having a rough time and your being bullied you could have someone to look up to instead of thinking bad thoughts.

MGB said...

This songs lyrics and name realate to anti-bullying because people need to stand by each other to stop bullies from bullying. When he says stand by me, it is saying to the bystander to stand by me.

the creator of the evil rogue ninja muffin truck driving song writing chicken wing purple armadillo eskimo said...

I think it relates to anti-bullying because the song "stand by me " is enough to relate to the fact that we should stand by the victim.