Sunday, November 13, 2011

Anti-Bullying Pledge

Write your personal pledge regarding anti-bullying.


tatertoter said...


Read my pledge as the following:

I pledge to stop bullying and help those in need,

I will help those who are bullied and stand by them,

I will not be a bistander but a friend to those who are bullied

Someone you don't know said...

My anti bullying pledge

I pledge to not bully and to help all that be bullied,

I will help the kids who be bullied by being their friend,

I will not bystand and I will be on their side

MGB said...

Anti Bullying Pledge
I will not be a bully,
I will stop anyone that is a bully,
I will help the ones in need,
I will be a good person and help the bullied to any extent.

BiBiannca said...

I will never be a bully

I will help and comfort people that are being bullied

I will not be rood or disrespectful to anyone

I will encourage people to stop bullying

A Michael h once said...

I will not be a bully or bistander but help the victim(s) I will not "hang with" bullies or bistanders but victim(s)

a radish named gabriel once said...

my pledge:
my pledge is to not be a bystander-
to stand up for those in need-
and to be a friend to someone, when they need one.

Olivia :) said...

I will never EVER EVER EVER (I'm sure you get my point now) be a bully,

I will try never to be a bystander,

And I will do my best to stand up for bully victims and to stand up to bullies. BECAUSE BULLIES ARE MEANIES!

Jared said...

I, Jared will not bully anyone in any way whether it is physical bullying, verbal bullying, or cyber bullying. Instead I will help other students when they are getting bullied or stand up to the bullies when they are bullying kids, and if someone is alone at recess, i will stand\sit with them and talk to them.

Mrs. O'Hara said...

Great pledges so far!