Sunday, September 11, 2016

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) & Baby Dragons

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Dog breeding with DNA
Genetics - Where do you come from?
Heredity and Pea Plants
Open the above links and learn about DNA and genetics.

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Animal Planet - Are dragons real?
Open the above link and find out what Animal Planet thinks.

Dragon Genetics - We will be creating (hatching) baby dragons using genetic combinations over the next two weeks.  You will learn about Mendelian genetics throughout this process.
After joining with a partner you will combine the genetic traits of your dragon eggs and use a key to determine your baby dragon’s genotype and phenotype.
Some of your possible dragon features include: horn-present/absent, fire breathing/non-fire breathing, green/gray body, long/short tail, spikes/no spikes, red/yellow wings, black/red tail spikes, freckles, ear frills/no ear frills…..
So many possibilities - What kind of dragon will you hatch?

Quiz on Genes and DNA
After using some of the research sites above complete the above quiz.  Show me your results.

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