Sunday, November 15, 2015

Health & Nutrition

1.  Click on the above picture and answer the questions on eating etiquette throughout the world.  How did you do?
2.  Simon's Daily Deal - Food Groups Game
Click on the above link and test your knowledge of food groups and servings.
3.  Click on the chart below for a link to The Canada Food Guide

4.  How much sugar are you really eating?
Click on the above questions and watch the video.  What is the gist of the video?
5.  Would you eat lab grown meat?
Click on the above question.  How is lab grown meat made and do you think it is a good idea? Explain.
6.  Nutrition Labelling - Canada
Open the above link and learn how to read the nutrition labels on your food.
7.  Food Labelling Game
8. Final Quiz - How nutrition savvy are you?

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