Thursday, November 12, 2015

D-Day Dodgers - Canadian History

I was reading an interesting Toronto Star editorial from Wednesday's paper about how we should remember and celebrate the remaining World War Two heroes (average age of 91) by "recalling a song they loved".  While reading the editorial I was reminded of an old song my grandfather enjoyed, "Lili Marlene".  The editorial also mentioned how popular the song "Lili Marlene" was and how it was a "universal soldiers' song".  Apparently, the song because it was so popular and well known was also used as a tune for soldiers (known as the D-Day Dodgers), who created their own lyrics.  I wasn't aware of the D-Day Dodgers and the connection to Canadian soldiers and I found the editorial very interesting so I proceeded to research and found an interesting video clip. (See above.)
Below is a link to the editorial from the Toronto Star, which further explains why they came up with the new version of the familiar, well loved soldiers' song, "Lili Marlene".


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