Monday, April 6, 2015

Interactive Engineering & Electricity Activities

Resistance - An Electrifying Adventure
In this activity you will pretend that you’re setting up for a great concert and you need to make sure that your guitar can be heard all across the stadium. How can you be sure that when you plug your amplifier into the outlet power will flow through and make your sound loud enough for everyone to hear? What is power anyways? How does electricity work?
Electrical Concepts
http://www.wonderville.ca/asset/SEelectrical concepts  
Learn more about: voltage, current, resistance, & power. Once you are done reviewing - play the game below: Energy Meter Madness
In this activity you will learn about the various elements of a transmission system or a concept that an electrical engineer would consider when planning a power system. Select the right pieces, throw the switch and watch your city light up with its electric power systems. But watch out you only have a little bit of time to restore power to the city.
Design a Cell Phone
In this activity you will help engineering director Elena design and manufacture a cell phone to help senior citizens get the most out of new technology!

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