Thursday, April 2, 2015

Special Message to Eileen - From the class

Happy Easter - I hope you are up and dancing in no time!  Mrs. O'Hara
I hope your foot starts to feel better! -Kiwi
Happy Easter! I hope you're feeling better for the Easter festivities, like eating COOKIES! -Jaime
Happy Easter! Get well soon! :) -Sara
Happy Easter! Hope you'll be up and running soon!:) Noah
Have a good Easter Eileenio! I bet that you will get oodles of eggs (and maybe cookies in eggs). :D GET WELL NOW! ~Arabella c:
Those boots were very pretty and sparkly... but they aren't good for running. :( I hope you have (Or had - depends on when you're reading this) a great Easter. I also hope your foot feels better. And you don't have to get around in a wheelchair. - Natalie 
Happy Easter and get well soon-Sorry that you hurt your foot. I hope you get lots of cookies to make up for it. -Sarah Jessica
Happy Easter! I hope that your foot won't ruin your Easter... ~Jacob
Happy Easter! Get well soon! -Lucas
I hope your foot gets better and doesn't get in the way of having a good Easter or eating cookies! - Andra
Happy Easter! I hope your foot is better, and doesn't get in your way of eating cookies :3 -David
Happy Easter Eileen, hope you get better  :) -Ronan
Have a happy Easter! Hope you feel better :) - Daniel


Unknown said...

Thanks guys!


That is all.

Thank you, thank you VERY much.


Unknown said...

Is your foot feeling better?