Wednesday, December 11, 2013

An Animated Declaration


Unknown said...

Mrs. O’Hara,
I think that the ‘Declaration of Human Rights’ and ‘The Child’s Garden’ are similar because they both support human rights. They do not encourage discrimination of any type or form. Both videos show that everyone, whether they are black or white, male or female, everyone has equal rights. Both videos are simple but effective ways of showing diversity, equalism, and human rights. Not everyone is allowed these rights in certain countries. Even in Canada a white man or woman will say to a black man or woman, ‘you are not welcome here’, just because they are white and the other is black. Countries we stereotype as all black, can have laws against blacks. In South Africa, I’m not sure how long ago, but blacks weren’t allowed to be president. This just shows how far racism can go. Diversity is important and these videos show it! Both of the videos are just different ways to show human rights and how everyone should be equals.
Sarah Anne

Unknown said...

I think that "An Animated Declaration" and “A Child's Garden - a story of HOPE” are the same because they both show what all humans have the same rights, no one deserves to be treated differently than any other human (unless you break the law or something). Also, people are socal and have the right to interact with other people (unless you are a mass murderer or are mentally ill and try to destroy everything in your path). You (in general) should not be separated from others for (almost) any reason at all. They both show that people are still mistreated all around the world, but people are now trying to stop it.