Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent - What does it mean to you?

What does Advent mean to you? (Post your response)


Unknown said...

Advent to me is a time when you wait and pray while waiting for Jesus to come. It is also to me a time when you rejoice not get busy shopping.

Unknown said...

Advent is a time of joy and hoping the return of Jesus, the son of man. Advent is about staying home with your family and giving hope praying and waiting for the arrival of Jesus!

Unknown said...

Advent is a time where you prepare for the coming Jesus Christ, and on December 25th (Christmas day, the birth of Jesus,) you rejoice. It is a time that you spend with your family and try and be nicer to people.
I spend advent making my advent wreath, lighting a candle every week, spending as much time as I can with my family, and overall trying to be nicer to everybody.


Unknown said...

Advent is a time of waiting for Jesus to come. It's not about the shopping for presents and Santa Claus, it's all about Jesus, God, Mary, Joseph and the 3 wise men.

People should understand the meaning of CHRISTmas.

Unknown said...

Christmas is not about buying things for other people and they buy something that you will never use. It is about waiting (joyfully because Jesus is something worth waiting for) for Jesus coming into our life. You try to be a little nicer then you usually are. Each week you light a candle on the wreath (expectation is the first candle and it's purple, hope is the second candle and it's purple, joy is the third candle and it's pink, love is the forth and is purple. Some wreaths have a white candle in the middle, and you light it on Christmas/Christmas eve.).


P.S. Dear Mrs. O'Hara, this site is a good one, so if you would like to post it on the blog as reference, um, well, you can: http://livinghopeomaha.wordpress.com/about-living-hope/bible-stud/the-meaning-of-the-advent-wreath/

Unknown said...

P.P.S. Christmas means: a Christian holiday that is celebrated on December 25 in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ or the period of time that comes before and after this holiday.


anotherfinekettleoffish said...

Hi Mackenzie,
Thanks for the link. I will post it.

Katie said...

To me Advent means preparing ourselves for Christmas, to help us to be ready. Not in the sense as to prepare all of your presents or making sure that they are wrapped and so on and so forth. No, I mean in the sense of praying and meditating spiritually to let Christ into our souls. Christmas is all about Jesus being born and coming into the world, and we should all use Advent as a time to help get ready for His coming. Also as Kieran said, it's CHRISTmas. It is about Christ, not anything else. Advent is a spiritual time to help be open to God and Jesus in our lives, and to prepare us for Christmas (the day on which Jesus was born, as we all know).

Hi I'm Ronan said...

advent is the time where you prepare for the coming of Jesus. on Christmas you rejoice . you should not think of advent being a rush where you need to buy presents for everyone or writing your letter to Santa, it is about waiting for Jesus and being nice to other people. you lite a candle each week for advent. the first candle is purple, second one is purple again, third one is pink and finally the last one is purple .


TheBloggingWorker+ said...

Advent is a time when we get our hearts ready for Jesus Christ entering the world and cleaning ourselves of our sins.

Unknown said...

I think what Advent means to me is a time to wait - Not quite time to celebrate! We are waiting for Christ the Savior to be born. To have his Birthday. We celebrate Christ in Christmas.
God sent himself to earth as a human so he could save us. So that all souls can go to heaven.

We light the candles on our Advent wreath each Sunday - kind of like a countdown to Jesus' Birthday.

Also at Christmas we buy gifts for people and receive them too, but that is not what Christmas is about.
Jesus is the reason for the season. Sure, getting gifts is nice, but we also need to remember always to keep Christ in Christmas!!