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Unknown said...

Can we have a derecho in Canada? Yes! If in the USA , which is so close, there is derecho’s, what prevents them from being here? We can have the exact same conditions as America so there shouldn’t be anything stopping them from occurring. Derecho’s are basically just a bunch of thunderstorms that are combined, and are travelling in one direction, we have thunderstorms in Canada as well, so I am fairly certain that there has been many derecho’s in Canada in the past. Even if there aren’t derecho’s in Canada there are still derecho’s in America, so if a derecho from there where to come here, it would count as a derecho in Canada. After I got all this information I can safely conclude that there have certainly been derecho’s in Canada.


Katie said...

Yes, we can have a derecho in Canada because http://www.spc.noaa.gov/misc/AbtDerechos/casepages/jul4-51999page.htm said that "result in widespread devastation and many casualties in both Canada and the United States."
Also, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boundary_Waters_%E2%80%93_Canadian_derecho talks about having a derecho in Ontario and Quebec on July 4, 1999.


Olivia said...

Yes, you can have a derecho here in Canada. You can really have a derecho anywhere with strong enough winds and the right conditions to start a derecho. There was a derecho that occured in 1999 in Canada, called the Boundary Waters. The derecho came from North Dakota, then travelling to Minnesota, hitting Thunder Bay in Ontario, it went even further to Quebec and last it hit New England. The derecho didn't start in Canada but it ended up there. So yes, there can be a derecho in Canada although they are more common in the United States.


Unknown said...

yes it is possible to get a derecho in canada. I know because there was a derecho that happened in Canada during the late afternoon to the early hours of July 4th and 5th in 1999. and lasted about 22 hours.

Unknown said...

A derecho could happen in Canada. The derecho that is supposed to land today is said to land in Ohio (the States). However the news is not always completeley correct. Since it is happening so close to Canada it could spread here too. It could cross the border. It isn't like the atmosphere in the States is different from Canada's since there right beside each other. So that wouldn't be a good reason. Therefore a derecho could occur in Canada.

My site: http://www.weather.com/news/weather-severe/derecho-explainer-20120612

Anonymous said...

Yes, we can have a Derecho in Canada. The website used was wikipedia. The link will be below. .I know because on July 5, 1999, the 'Boundry Waters Canadian Derecho' occured. It affected the Northern United States, and Southern Canada. It affected such places as North Dakota, Minnesota, Ontario, Quebec, and New England. The duration was 22 hours and the peak windspeed was around 90mp/h. Thankfully, there was only 4 fatalities, but that is still bad, since people died. The damage costs amounted to over $100,000,000 U.S money. It peaked near Thunder Bay, at 100mp/h!

Internet. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boundary_Waters_%E2%80%93_Canadian_derecho

I hope you enjoyed -AIDAN

Unknown said...

I got that from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boundary_Waters_%E2%80%93_Canadian_derecho

mitchell said...

Yes we can have a Derecho in canada because a) natural disasters such as tornados and Derechoes could move across the border into canada and could just form in canada. b) in my bibliography a video of a derecho in canada is recorded by a storm chaser. I believe that this alone proves derechoes are real. If it doesn't the it is said " Canadian Derecho (also called the Boundary Waters Blowdown) was an international derecho that occurred during the afternoon and evening hours of July 4 and the early morning hours of July 5,1999. It traveled 1,300 miles (2,092 km) and lasted 22 hours." said by wikipedia


Kove said...

Q. Can we have a derecho in Canada?
A. Yes we can have a derecho in Canada because in the site that I found(link above) it says that a derecho hit Ontario and Quebec on
July 4th 1999, the derecho hit Ontario in the early afternoon on July 4th and got more severe and continued itself to the 5th. The derecho moved east and affected northern Lake Superior. After that it moved to Quebec and toppled a sailboat. Luckily help came and no one was hurt.

Sam the meteorologist said...

Canada can have a derecho. I know because Derecho development is tied to the formation of bow echoes. A bow echo usuallycomes from a cluster of thunderstorms, but also may evolve from a single strong storm. Bow echoes most frequently occur when tropospheric winds are relatively strong and unidirectional (i.e., they vary little in direction with height). As the rain-cooled downdraft of a thunderstorm reaches the earth's surface, it spreads horizontally, most rapidly in the direction of the mean tropospheric flow. As the cool, dense air spreads outward, it forces the lighter, warm and moist air surrounding the storm up along the leading edge of the outflow, or gust front (see figure below, with mean flow assumed to be from left to right). The upward motion along the gust front typically is greatest along that part of the front that is moving most rapidly, that is, in the downwind direction (to the right in the figure). Gust fronts often are marked by a band of ominous, low clouds known as arcus. A photograph of an arcus (or shelf) cloud on the leading edge of a derecho appears at the top of this page.


Unknown said...

Yes, it is possible for a derecho to be in Canada because there was a derecho called the "Boundary Waters" or a "Canadian Derecho".

The Canadian Dereko happened in North Dakota, Minnesota, Ontario, Quebec, and New England.


Unknown said...

I think that we can have derecho in Canada because dachos are commen in the Northern Hemisphere and in warm weather, Canada has both things. We are also right next to the U.S.A., so if one of the derechos in places like New York have one, it might come into Canada.

Unknown said...

Yes, Canada can experience a derercho because it's known that dererchoes can travel for long distances and it's not uncommon for a derercho to hit canada like in July 5, 1999. The derercho traveled 1,300 miles (2,092 km) and lasted 22 hours. It hit northern USA and southern Canada. There also has been many other occasions where a derercho has hit Canada - a storm started in Minnesota which had winds up to 145 km/h and ended up in Ontario with winds up to 100 km/h.