Monday, March 4, 2013

First Nations - Sites that may be useful

Open the above link and watch the interactive videos.  Post five things you learned and one question you have.




Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

1. The Cree invented the medcine wheel.

2. The middle of the medicine wheel represents fire which is meaning where the teachings come from.

3. Cree people were named for the 4 parts of human beings.

4. There are 4 parts to human beings, spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental.

5. Some people are said to only look after their mental and physical emotions and forget to look after their spiritual, and emotional emotions.

Unknown said...

My question is...

Who founded the Cree culture?

Unknown said...

1 The Mohawk faught with the Europeans for 100 year.

2 The Mohawk had to go up north to avoid the Europeans.

3 The Mohawks believe that a woman from the stars made our world.

4 The "Sky Woman" made our earth from a turtles shell, and some dirt.

5 The Mohawk dance in circle to circulate the earth, and make plants grow( mohawk go counter-clockwise,and other tribes go counter)

? Why did the Star Woman come here?

Unknown said...

The Cree Tribe
1. The Cree tribe made the medicine wheel.
2. The four corners on the medicine whell represent the seasons.
3. The north represents the winter, the west is the fall, the south is the summer and the east is the spring.
4.The four seasons of the wheel represents the four aspects of life that the cree people follow.
5. Finally, the middle of the wheel is the fire, which represents the Cree tribe as their life.
?- I wonder why the fire represents the life?

Unknown said...


1.The teepee circle sturcture has a female side and a male side,with a fire in the centre.

2.Societies were graded by age.

3.One time,it was illegal for the societies to practice their traditions in Canada.

4.A pow wow is a gathering with all of the people,when nations come together with drummers and dancers.

5.A ceremonial circle structure was their way of communicating and working in a group.

Question:Why are the societies named after animals?