Monday, January 28, 2013

Media Awareness - Commercials Showing Environmental Awareness as The Big Idea

Which of the following commercials is more effective at showing The Big Idea? Remember: Big Idea----->Evidence from text & images----->Evidence from your own thinking


Unknown said...

I think the first one is more effective beacause the "green police" was kind of...silly, I'll leave it at that. I think global warming is a very serious problem. Not everyone thinks this, but what if we really are the reason why this is happening? In the first video it shows the polar bear walking around all this polution and then the polar bear saw one person who was eco friendly and hugged him in the hope that more people would be like him and the ice caps would stop melting. It's really sad when you think about it. It makes you want to be like that one person to help the polar bears and other creatures living on the earth.


Katherine said...

I think this commercial is more effective because it seems more realistic than the second clip. The commercial is for a car that runs on 100% electicity and that is being green-it doesn't polute the air. The polar bear seems to be thanking the man for being green by using an electric car by hugging him. The polar bear's habitat was melting and he(or she) was losing its home. That's sad, but true. This clip touched me.

Anonymous said...

I think that this ad is more effective showing the 'Big Idea'. This video has a more serious message (at least in my opinion.) This ad portrays global warming, a serious enviormental issue. It is also much more organized, it is not just a sloppy video composed of unreal police arresting actors for using plastic bags and incadescent lightbulbs.

Anonymous said...

I think that both of the commercials are showing The Big Idea, but I think that the polar bear commercial shows it better. The Green Police commercial was funny, but it didn’t show what was happening to the Ice Caps. The second commercial was a bit confusing because it had plastic and batteries, and people getting arrested who have them, which is not true. That makes it confusing and hard to see the purpose.
The first one had what is happening to the ice caps. It shows a polar bear wandering through a city, and the bear growling at cars and trucks that are polluting. It finds a car that is eco-friendly, and hugs the man who owns it. It is more deep than the Green Police.
I think that the polar ice caps melting is sad, because the animals that live there will start dying, and while the ice caps will melt and the water level will rise. Then there will be more extinct animals. If people will stop polluting as much by using more electric cars and not idling, the ice caps will stop melting.

Amanda said...

I think this commercial is better than the 'green police' because first of all that was kind of weird because nobody should get arrested for putting a bannana in the recycling bin and the polar bear one is about global warming and a poor polar bear running away and being scared of all the pollution and he finally sees someone to maybe gelp him so he hugs him it makes me feel sad :(

Unknown said...

My opinion is that the commercial of the polar bear is a lot more serious and effective, it shows the big picture regarding the environment. The commercial is trying to tell people to stop polluting and to be more environmentally friendly, to save the earth and more specifically to be aware of the damage to the north and south pole. I love how the bear growls at the car and trucks trying to tell them to stop polluting. When he sees a man with a energy clean car the bear gives him a hug. :)
If I was to estimate the likeliness between a polar bear hugging a human or the police arresting you for throwing a battery in the garbage or beating you up for having your hot tub at a temperature that is too hot I would pick the polar bear hugging a human that has a energy clean car.!!

Mrs. O'Hara said...

Hi all,
I really enjoyed reading your responses. It's nice to see how concerned you are about the environment.