Sunday, January 20, 2013

Genetics for Students

Watch the above video and compare the number of chromosomes in humans to the number of chromosomes in our baby dragons.  What differences and similarities do you notice between the two?  Post your answers.
Once you have posted your answer play the jigsaw puzzles and slide puzzles.

Watch the above Brainpop video clip on heredity.


Kyle + Katherine said...

Once difference between baby dragon chromosomes and human chromosomes is that humans have 46 chromosomes and dragons only have 8 chromosomes. Another difference is that the traits humans have in chromosomes are different than the dragon chromosomes. Lastly, a similarity is that both chromosomes have the same affect of making up your genetic traits.

Unknown said...

The similarities between the human genes and the baby dragons genes is that you have half from your mom and half from your dad. The genes that determine your sex is the Y and X chromosomes. If you have two YY chromosomes most of the time you are a girl. If you have two XX chromosomes most of the time you are a boy. Here are some different examples of how manny chromosomes different living things have: humans have 46 chromosomes and dragons have only 8 chromosomes and chimpanzees have 2 pairs of 24 chromosomes, cows have 30 pairs of chromosomes, chickens have 39 pairs of chromosomes and a banana has 11 chromosomes.