Monday, October 10, 2011

Where in The World? - due Friday, October 14th


Explore the above site and answer the assigned questions.
Tell me what you see when you observe the South view of the Legislative Chamber.


sshaw71 said...
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luke said...

on the left theres government seats and at the back there is a press gallery

Mrs. O'Hara said...

Luke - Submit the rest of your answer on paper. Also, go to the portal and check the Where In The World questions. You need to answer all three. Keep trying. See me if you're unsure.

Mitchell said...

First, there is a sword in a glass case,called the "sergeant at arms", which is used for safety. there are also
alot of romanesque archs.You can't
forget the speakers input during meetings. Speakers have assigned seats at the front. Mrs.O'Hara, where are the questions?

Luke also said...

Luke- the speakers chair, the balcony, roman archetecture and flags

Mrs. O'Hara said...

The questions are on the portal and on the classroom bulletin board.

Lindsay said...

I see the speaker's chair at the far end, seats to the right of the speaker (these are for the people who are in power they won the election) and chairs to the left (these seats rae for the people who lost the election), I saw seats up ubove the speaker to the right and seats to the left (these seats are for journalists.) There were also flags two representing Ontario, Canada and the other representing the Chamber.

Lindsay said...

1.The name of this place is the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

2.Ontario, Canada I couldn't find the longatude and latitude

3.I couldn't find any historical signififance but I guess it would be signififant because it would help enforce the laws.