Monday, October 3, 2011

Superheroes Music Video 2

Create a list of the superheroes and their superpowers from this video.


Olivia said...

Super Man- super strength, ability to fly, super speed,bravery.
Batman- no powers, only weapons, but he's brave.
Spiderman- can shoot webs from hands, can climb walls, kind of strong,brave.
The Hulk- Super strong,super muscular, brave, when he gets mad he turns green.
X Men-
Wolverine- Blades come out of his hands, strong, brave.
Rogue- If somebody touches her they go through lots of pain.
Storm- can control weather.
Cyclops- can shoot lasers from his eyes.
Prof.X- telepathic
Ice Man- can turn stuff into ice.
Night Crawler- can travel places in a cloud thing of blue dust.
The Thing- really strong, is made of rocks.

LUC THE GUY said...

Super Man
doctor x
the thing
ghost rider

Kyle said...

Super Man- strength, speed, fly, and courage

Batman- Normal except for his bravery and courage

Spiderman- can fire webs out of his fingers and can climb well

Wolverine- Claws come out of his hands

X men- undetermined

The Hulk- incredible stregth

Kove said...

The super heroes in the vidio where Superman, Batman, Spiderman, The Hulk, X Man, Wolverine, Rogue, Storm, Cyclops, Prof.X, Ice Man, Night Crawler, The Thing, Ghost Rider.

sam said...

superman:heat + x ray vision,strength,flight,resistance to anything but kriptonite.batman: tools, martial arts,inventing,metal chestplate spiderman:sticky hands, strength, inventing, brains, wit . hulk: strength, super jump,loud yell. Fantastic four .Torch:flight, flares on and off.Mr.fantastic:strech, intelligence.Invisible woman: invisibility, shields.thing:strength.ghost rider:flame comes on and goes off, can throw fire balls , throws a flameing chain at people.Wolverine:sharp claws,wolf instincts.nightcrawler: teleportation,martial arts,acrobatic abilites.

Kove said...

Kove said...
The super heroes in the vidio where
Superman- Super strength, fly, super speed.
Batman- Weapons.
Spiderman- Shoots webs out of his wrist.
The Hulk- Super stong and muscular.
X Man- None that I know of.
Wolverine-not done

Mitchell said...

Special note: Inigif inigi minigissiniged iniganinigythiniging, plinigease liniget minige kninigow! Dinigo yinigo linigike minigy finigoo?

SPIDERMAN!-black form-has incredible balance, strength, speed, defense, and skill.-normal
form-has over decent balance, strength, speed, defense, and skill. And pure awesomeness!(In both forms he can spin webs and climb walls).

-Superman,can fly,
has super strength, super speed, and he just uses it well.

-The Ghost Rider, his body is eternally engulfed in flame, and he can throw flaming skulls.

-Hulk, is green and has massive strength and can jump high.

-The human Torch, a man who can light himself on fire and fly.

-Batman, no powers, hidden behind the mask of a superhero,
being mortal but still a hero.

Lindsay said...

I saw:

sandman:can turn into sand shaped like himself and can turn in to different things made of sand.

one of the fantastic 4:can turn into fire.

GhostRider:can turn into a skeleton on fire.

batman:dosn't have superpowers.

spiderman:can shoot webs.

hulk:turns into hulk has super strength turns big.

wolverine:can make blades come out of his hands.

superman:inpenitreble skin, ability to fly, super speed.

The one thing that I didn't write is all of these mans BRAVERY!