Sunday, November 20, 2016


Canada Space Agency
Open the above link. Go to Multimedia and try the Canadarm 2 Simulator.
Multimedia - OSIRIS-REx Tech: Mapping an Asteroid with Lasers
What is the Yarkovsky Effect?
NASA Space Games
Space Volcanoes and more!

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Unknown said...

The Yarkovsky effect is when ordinary sunlight hits an asteroid, it can ether deflect off it which is not the Yarkovsky effect but when the sunlight gets absorbed and later it will give of heat. Asteroids also have a day and night cycle and because of this the warmest spot will be slightly to the side. When the photons produce heat it gives it a little kick sort of like a cannon but it can either slow it down or speed it up. If the warmest spot is facing up it will slow the asteroid down but if it is facing down it will speed up. The End.