Thursday, April 28, 2016

Senior Battle of the Books 2016

Congratulations to our Senior Battle of the Books Team who came in 2nd out of 18 Burlington Schools (and first in Catholic Schools) in the Burlington Senior Battle of the Books final competition.  The final score was so close: 202 to 208 - such an exciting (nail biting) game!  I am so proud of your teamwork and support of each other.  
Team Members: Amanda, Cat (spokesperson), Jordan, Katie, Eileen, Kieran, Sara (spokesperson), Ava, Kate, Lucas
And our amazing assistants/helpers: Mackenzie, Talia, Andra, Natalie, David, and Jaime (We couldn't have done it without you).  
Thanks to all the parents, grandparents, and siblings who came out and support our team.  You are wonderful cheerleaders!
We will really miss our gr. 8 team members next year!  Who knows maybe you can come to our competition next year - sounds like a good field trip to me.

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