Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How many female inventors can you name?

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Chloe Seely said...

All of the inventors mentioned in the video:

Tabitha Babbit made the Circular Saw
Martha Coston made the Signal Flare
Mary Anderson made Winshield Wipers
Maria Beasley made the Life Raft
Patricia Bath made Laser Cataract Surgery
Sarah Mather made the Underwater Telescope
Maria Pereira made Heart Surgery Adhesive
Gertrude Bell Elion made Leukemia, HIV & Malaria Drugs.
Ada Lovelace made the first Computer Algorithm
Bertha Benz made Brake Pads
Stephanie Kwolek made Bullet Proof Material
Patricia Billings made Fire Safe GeoBand
Yvonne Brill made Satellite Propulsion