Sunday, December 6, 2015

I just received this email from one of the teachers in our OOEL Walking Party.  His school is in Chennai, India.  Remember them in your prayers this weekend.

Dear all.

Thanks for your message.  Chennai is a real mess right now.  Here is a current article in the NY Times. http://goo.gl/XaxAxT

I am not sure if this is getting much media attention outside of India.  I guess the NY Times is a start.  We have been without power since Tuesday night.  It's pouring rain as I speak, something we don't need.  The school has been closed and we do not know what the status is for next week and beyond.  Many of the school workers (cleaning staff, cafeteria, etc.) have lost their houses.  We tried a virtual learning day, but I am not sure how successful that was.  Time will tell when we get back to school.  Our house is dry, and we are more fortunate than most people.

Take care and thanks for thinking of us.

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