Friday, April 4, 2014

Get Well Soon!

Hi Aidan,
We are all thinking about you! Hope you feel better soon! 
From Luke and The Class
I hope you can heal super fast. No one deserves to get hurt! -Cat!
I hope that you feel better than me with a piece of bacon. -Bacon (Arabella)
Get better NOW!!!!!!!!!  (Plz?)  We all miss you!  ~Mackenzie
Hope it's easy to work the crutches! -Eileen
Have a happy weekend! -Beth
I hope that you feel better soon :{ ) ~ Amanda (By the way the smiley face is supposed to have a mustache on it)
Hope your foot isn't broken for all eternity! ~Katherine
We hope you get better soon!!!!!!!!!!! ~S.A.
Keep calm  play Minecraft and read!~ Daniel and Ronan :)
Hi Aidan - I hope you're feeling better soon. We miss you. - Mrs. O'Hara
To be continued on Monday....other students wanted to post you a message, but we ran out of time.

Hi Aidan - Eileen sent me this picture to add to our blog.  Everybody is thinking of you and hoping you feel better soon.


TheBloggingWorker+ said...

Hopefully you get better soon! You must be hurting. Really sorry that you have to get hurt.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi guys. Thanks for all the support! I'll be back Tuesday, since I need to see a bone specialist on Monday. Have a great weekend!

-Aidan the Thankful Classmate

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you are coming back on Tuesday.

Unknown said...

why would you post it anonymously person

TheBloggingWorker+ said...

That was me posting it... Daniel.

Unknown said...

Well why would you even post it as anonymous in the first place? Huh? Huh?