Sunday, February 24, 2013

Voki Animal Assignment - due Fri., Mar. 1st

On Tuesday, February 26th we have an interactive presentation from Scientists in Schools. During this presentation you will be working as a taxonomist as you discover the 'Tree of Life'. Using microscopes, you will examine the microscopic world of protists and monerans and match macroscopic specimens by uncovering similarities and differences. You will also compare important connections between species to understand why a classification system from 1735 (Linnaean) still works today.

As a follow-up activity you will use Voki to create your own animal species.
Click on the link below & follow the steps outlined in the assignment.
http://l-www.voki.com/open_pdf.php?file=Voki Lesson Plan_Voki Animals_Alex Dunz.pdf


????????????????? said...

what is password

Mrs. O'Hara said...

Don't worry - I'll provide you with a password in class.