Monday, December 31, 2012

Lino - Learn how to use it

Use the site above to teach yourself how to use Lino.
What uses might this type of presentation tool have?


Sam the man said...

Lino might be used for poster board projects like if you needed a poster you could use Lino to make that or if you wanted to make a short point form presentation about anything you could use Lino for that.

Unknown said...

I think this presentation might be useful for small projects. For example if you were doing a project on frogs and there was only a few questions to answer. I don't tghink it would work as well for bigger projects. Like if you had lots and lots of questions. I think this because there isn't a lot of space on the bulliten board. So if you had a lot of questions then the board would be REALLY crowded with sticky notes and the project wouldn't look as nice. I do think this is a good site just as long as you didn't have too much information for the project.

Kove said...

I think that Lino would be good for, say you are describing a trip that you went to over the Summer, not for big projects, like Isearches.

Anonymous said...

I think this presentation tool (LINO)
is great for small presentations, such as our Summer Vacation projects. This presentation tool, however is not good for large projects that require many answers to many questions, Videos and pictures. It would also be good for Poster-Board presentations.