Monday, November 5, 2012

Baron versus Beagle - The Original "Dogfight"

What character traits does Snoopy demonstrate in this video? Who is Snoopy fighting against and what kind of "dogfight" is this video referring to?  (Post your answers.)

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Cat said...

Snoopy's Character Trait was 1. Imaginative (duh because he some how turns a DOGHOUSE into a plane (which aren't even REMOTELY simmilar.) 2."I like to shoot the Red Baron an I will do whatever it takes to do that so there." The thing (which I am assuming is another plane) he was fighting was called "Red Baron" as said at the beginning of the video. I also think it should be called "bullet fight" not "dog fight" because when Snoopy gets shot it has bullet holes so I'm also assuming that Snoopy was using bullets too when he held out his arm and it made a pew! pew! pew! pew! pew! sound.