Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Forensic Science

One of your first assignments will involve the use of forensic science. You will work in teams to solve the case of Bo Peep's stolen sheep. There is a sweet reward.

What is Forensic Science?
The world "forensic" is derived from the Latin, "forensic", meaning public; public discussion; belonging to debate or discussion.
From that basis, we can move to the more modern definition of "forensic" as belonging to, used in or suitable for public discussion. Forensic science is science used in public, a court of law or in the justice system.
What is a Forensic Scientist?
A forensic scientist is first a scientist. He/she applies scientific knowledge to assist juries, lawyers and judges in understanding science.

Some activities to get you started -

How good is your memory for faces? Try the Face Memory Test at:

Create your own facial composite at - The Art of Crime Detection:

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