Sunday, September 25, 2011

Where in The World ? - due Friday, Sept. 30th

Watch the above video and answer the assigned questions (see bulletin board/portal). Don't forget to include latitude and longitude.


3DS Updaters said...

Nice pick mrs ohara. the witw just keep getting better and better

sam once said...

monet's giverny
longetude 49.07 latitude 1.53
2.normandy france
3.inspiration for monet

Mrs. O'Hara said...

Good effort for your first attempt, but it's not in Normandy - keep looking.

Mrs. O'Hara said...

Thanks 3DS!

Lindsay said...

Monet's Giverny
longatude 49.07 latatude 1.53
- Paris, France

- it was a place for Monet to draw and paint and now it's a place where people can look at all the nature Monet drew

- giverny

Kyle and Micheal B. said...

Monet's Giverny is located 80km from Paris,France.Monet was born1840 november 14 in Paris,France. He had 2 sons named Jean and Michel.Monet had more than one wife. Monet had a garden. The latitude of monet's Giverny is 49.0667 and the longitude is 1.5333


Jared, Kove and Lindsay said...

W.I.T.W. Giverny
Located in Upper Normandy
49, 04' 37"N and 1, 31' 48" E

-Most of Monet's paintings were of his water garden.
- His most famous painting was the "Water Lily Pond".
- Monet lived in Giverny from 1883 until his death in 1926.

sam & gabriel said...

monet's giverny
longitude: 1.53 latitude: 49
1.giverny of claude monet
2.close to paris france
3.inspiration for monet

Olivia, Bianca and Ingrid said...

Where in the world
Monet's Giverny. It is located in the village Giverny,France. The latitude is 49 degrees, 4.9 minutes North and the
Longitude is 1 degrees, 32.0 minutes East. Monet and his family rented a house and a 2 acre garden in Giverny in 1883. There are two parts of Monet's Garden, a flower garden called Clos Normand and a Japenese inspired water garden. The gardens are now open to visitors daily from May 1st to July 13th. Monet's garden is truly beautiful and worth to see

Taylor and Mitchell once said said...

Taylor and Mitchell

1. Longtiude and Latitude?
49.04.37 1.31.48

Where is it located?
80 kilometers from Paris France

What is the historical part of this area?

-monet had several wifes.
- 2008 there was 502 peoles living there.
-There was 301 people in Giverny at the time of 1883
-one of the biggest inspirations for monet was his flowers and water lilies

Olivia, bianca said...




Mrs. O'Hara said...

Sam - Giverny, Normandy/in France.