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Read the following excerpt from the Newberry Award winning book, Penny from Heaven. Read the lyrics to the song on page 11 and write a comment/1 paragraph minimum about whether you agree with the sentiments expressed in the song.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the song "Pennies From Heaven" by Johnny Burke and Arthor Johnson when it says "no one appreciates the sky that was always blue" because sometimes the sky is a brilliant blue but no one really cares. But then a storm occurs and we start complaining. I think that this part of the song might be telling us to appreciate the good things that happen in life. When we are having troubles, face them knowing that the tables will turn soon like the gray skies turn blue.

When the song goes " each cloud contains pennies from heaven" I think the pennies are like water and you need water to thrive, water makes the flowers bloom and the grass green.

Overall I think this song is very optimistic. Now, I look forward to reading the book!

Jared said...

I think the poem "Penny from heaven" by Johnny Burke and Arthur Johnston is very great for people who don't really think about how beatiful the World is. They get caught up in their ipads and gameboys and don't take a minute to think about how the World all started, and why they shouldn't be on their electronics all day and go outside to enjoy the world while it lasts if people keep abusing it like people do now.

I also look forward to reading this book!

Julia said...

I think that the song "Pennies from Heaven is a true and amazing way of saying that not many people appreciate the world for what it truly is. For example when the song says " no one appreciated the sky that was blue or congratulated the moon that was new" it means that the sky is a brilliant blue and no one takes the time to sit down and gaze up at the sky and really appreciate the world. When it says that no one appreciates the moon that was new it means the moon is always changing, becoming more and more beautiful by the day and when people are concentrating on the electronics they own, the newest show on T.V. But do not take the time look at the moon; wonder and think of are amazing but always changing universe.

Overall I think that the song is addressing that when something happens that you are glad or happy about take the time to smile and appreciate that they are so fortunate, instead of "thinking cool that was lucky" and going to play video games. Also when you have a bad time or you are upset about something of no importance makes sure you know that others have bigger problems and bad things are always going to happen just know that they will work out, just hang in there.

But I guess what the overall message in the song is good things are here just waiting to happen, and I cannot wait to read the book either.

Ingrid said...

The Song "Pennies from heaven" is a truly inspirational and beautiful song about how the way people will ignore the beauty of simple things, for example: the fact that the sky is that beautiful shade of blue each day is amazing. The moon is another good example; it lights up our dark nights and nobody notices it. At the beginning, it said "the best things in life, were absolutely free," this is true, things like sunny mornings and green grass are free and yet they are the best things in life. When people get so caught up in video games and TV shows they forget the real good things in life.

Unknown said...

I think that the poem "pennies From Heaven" is a song for people who think life is going really bad for them. Because when it say, "and you shouldn't be afraid for every time it rains it rains pennies from Heaven." Which is sort of like the saying that goes like "every cloud has its silver lining," which means that for every bad thing there's a good thing that comes from it. The poem also says that, " for the thing you love, you must have showers," and I think that means, that for every thing good thing that you have there is a consequence. So this means for every thing there is something else that follows it.

So in the end I think that this song is telling us that all bad things are not as bad as they seem.
I also hope that I get the chance to read this book, it looks very good.

Bluebell said...

I agree with the lyrics to the song, "Pennies from Heaven” because it is true that everyone thinks that rain and thunder storms are bad just because you can't go outside or everything gets all mucky and then your designer shoes/boots will get all dirty! Well no one ever sees that rain is actually good! For, without rain, crops wouldn't grow and animals would go thirsty! That would include us! When the song says,”You’ll find your fortune fallin’ over town” I think that means that you will not find money, but instead you will find rain, something that grows food that you could end up selling, or feeds your cattle that you sell to the butcher, or even that you collect in the well that you give to your family. I think that this song it telling us that even if something looks like it isn't any help, it will always have an upside.
All in all, now that I’ve read the first chapter of the book and now that I’ve heard the song, I can’t wait to read this book!
-Amy ;D

3DS Updaters said...

I agree with the lyrics of the poem "Pennies From Heaven." It was really a fantastic poem on how people are really no appreciative of life and it's gifts and beauty. People always just want and want and need and need, but really the only things we need is what life gives us naturally like things such as health, the sun rising in the morning and setting in the evening, or food or shelter and even the ground we stand on. Unfortunately many people aren't lucky enough to get some of the resources we have, which is another excellent reason to appreciate things.

When the poem says "So when you hear it thunder, don't run under a tree, There'll be pennies from heaven for you and me." I think they are saying that pennies have value and so does rain which is a part of our world that not everyone appreciates and cares for. But that is not right, because rain makes beauty like green grass or flowers blooming or even the rainbow after a shower.

So we should appreciate life and it's gifts and treat (almost) everything like it's a miracle and to not take advantage of life's gifts.

Liam said...

I think the lyrics to the song "Pennies From Heaven" by Johnny Burke and Arthur Johnston has many different interpretations. My interpretation of the lyrics is that we take things for granted and we don't realize how lucky we are until that privilege is taken away. I got this message from the line "But no one appreciated a sky that was always blue. And no one congratulated a moon that was always new." We never think twice about a blue sky on a sunny day, or the moon at night. It is no surprise that the moon rises at night, we expect it to. But what if it didn't? The night would be dark, no moon, no light. That's when we realize the things everyday objects do for us. The perfect testament to what I was saying would be the line "So it was planned that they would vanish now and then and you must pay before you get them back." The lyrics also state that " That's what storms are made for..." The storms are made to help us realize what happens without sunlight, without moonlight, and a sky that isn't blue. I think this is an important message and next time you kneel down to pray, thank God for these things because this may be the last day you see them.

Olivia said...

This song is very pretty and shows you how great our world is. The song sais that sometimes the sky is blue, and nobody seems to notice. But then it becomes clowdy and dismal and we get sad. Since it is winter right know, some of us are complaining that it is to cold, to grey, or to snowy. But in the summer we will be saying, it is to sunny, or to bright. It's a visious cycle but we need to appreciate what we have at the time. To me the song is also saying storms are there to make us sad, but that isn't always a bad thing. Without sadness, we can't experience happiness. When there is a storm we should appreciate it so we can appreciate the sun when it comes out. The term "Pennies from Heaven" is refering to that raindrops which makes the sun's rays seem brighter.

michael bbbb said...

I think the song pennies from heaven was written with passion and uses interesting phrases like each cloud contains pennies from heaven. I think this is refering to all the clouds in the world and that they are filled with "pennies" that can make someone feel happy, and by looking at the clouds in "the brilliant blue sky" we can feel calm and even happy. another one of his sayings is that the best things in life are always free, i do not agree with this because today on 2011 everything seems to cost money, even nature sometimes like in camping.

Shaylen said...

I agree with the sentiments expressed in the song "Pennies from Heaven" because when it says "no one appreciates the sky is brilliant blue" I don't necessarily think that he was talking about the sky in general, but, the way that without the simplest things in the world our lifes would never be the same. If you don't know what i'm talking about, think about walking up in the morning with no sun, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal right? Well wrong, it would never be the same without the sun (or anything else, that doesn't destroy our planet). So I think that we should all really try to focus on the little things in life, I know that that sounded sappy but it is true!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the song Pennies From Heaven by Johnny Burke and Arthur Johnston because it tells us to look for an upside to things. For example when the song says "it rains pennies from heaven" it is sying that when it rains a lot of good things happen like having crops watered and getting clean water for lake Ontario. The song also says"make sure your umbrella is upside down and in that sentence it is saying to use the things that the earth gives us, a few ways to do that are by putting out clean plastic conainers and collecting the rainwater to use it later. so all that it says is to be optimistic.

After reading that song and the first chapter I can't wait to read the whole book.:}

aDA said...

I think the song "Pennies from Heaven" by Johnny Burke and Arthor Johnson addresses something most of us ignore. People are fixed by the big picture and don't appreciate all the little details. In a painting the artist takes time to paint the little details, like a flower in the background and the indents in the trees. I think the song says that we all need to be like artists and appreciate all that we have and all the little details. We are so fixed with electronics and homework and school, that we don't take the time to go outside and just smell the fresh air and take in all the little things. The song was saying to be more aware of the world around you, and to take it all in.

Randomly off topic here, one day the world might just go BOOM! Some people say that will be soon, so just in case, soak up all you can now because, one day we might not have it. Well, of course you'd be incinerated but...... All im saying is that we need to be more aware of all the details and the beauty around us.

I think astronomers are great at watching every little detail. When the song says " no one appreciated the sky that was blue or congratulated the moon that was new", I think it meant that when the sky is beautiful and the day is peaceful, no one takes the time to stare up at the sky and appreciate it. And that even though the moon is beautiful, no one takes the time to look at it. Astronimers take the time to look at teh moon and the sky and they are facinated by it.

Our world it a facinating place and we should take the time to enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

The poem 'Penny From Heaven' is really about how we take for granted the beauty of the sky, the moon and everything else that we don't pay attention to because we want to see who gets voted off of American Idol or we want to beat level 50 of Call of Duty Black Opps Zombies. In short we need to pay more attention to the beauty of nature and less attention to material product. Also you sicken me if you don't take a good look at the moon after doing this project.

Alex said...

"Pennies From Heaven" by Johnny Birk and Arthor Johnsen is a song that explains when the bad times come aroung you can always find a good in them.
"No one appreciated a sky that was always blue, or congradulated the moon which was always new," suggestes that people take every-day ordinary good things for granted. Though, when I wake up and look out my bedroom window and see a bright blue sky in the morning I do smile because it cheers me up. But I don't thank God, or Mother Nature for the wonderful day they have given us.
"So it was planned that they would vanish now and then, And you must pay to get them back again," was saying that good things must stop every now and then and by enduring, things will eventually get better.
"Every time it rains it rains pennies from heaven," I beleive this means that every time it rains you are not getting a bad day, but possibly a small fortune. Every penny gets you closer to a dollar, every dollar gets you closer to onehundred dollars, and so on. Since it does not rain actual pennies, pennies from heaven would be rain drops. Rain drops help grow your gardens which could grow your buisness as a farmer.
But not everybody will be a farmer. Rain helps grow flowers which bring you joy. And at the end of the rain you get a rainbow. A beautiful spectrum of colours that leave you in wonderment.
So don't think of things that may, at a glance seem bad, bad, look deeper and see if you can find a penny from heaven.

Alex said...

P.S. I agree with the song, when someone tells me ro do something that I don't want to do I immediatly groan in dissapointment. This could hurt the persons feelings. If I take a second and look closer I could see the plus side and I wont be emmotionately scarring anyone

Mary said...

i could not post my comment becuase it was to long. instead i will be handing it in.

Mrs. O'Hara said...

I enjoyed reading all of your comments. Each one was unique and interesting. You all have such wonderful ideas. Keep up the great effort.
ps. Mary, I also appreciated your written comment.

Hannah said...

I agree with the song "Pennies From Heaven" by Johnny Burke and Arthor Johnson because I don't think people care what colour the sky is or if the moon is full or not. We do not usually appreciate or notice these things that are taken for granted. We keep wanting more instead of being happy with what we alrewady have. I think this song opens people's eyes and helps them to appreciate what they have.