Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Create your own definition of: polygon.
Tell me everything you know about polygons.
You may post your answers.
Answer questions 1-10 on the Your Turn section.


Unknown said...

A polygon is a 2D shape with more the 2 sides, closed edges and no curves.I know that there are convex and concave polygons, regular (all sides even) and irregular (some or all sides uneven), I also know that the more edges a regular polygon has the easyer is it for it to roll:).

Kove said...

A polygon is a 2-demensional shape, with no open sides, no dents, and no rounded edges, and no less than 3 sides.

-I know simple or convex
-concave or convex
-Regular or irregular
-They have no rounded edges
-No less than 3 sides
-no open edges
-2 demensional shape