Sunday, May 1, 2011

Where in the World? - Due Friday, May 6th

Challenge Question: Who created and what is the name of the final piece of art?


Anonymous said...

This place is breathtaking!!!

A Daniel once said...


The name of the creator was none other than the famous Michelangelo and the last piece of art he created was the crucifixtion of St.Peter which is housed in the Cappella Paolina, Vatican Palace, in the Vatican City, Rome. It is the last fresco executed by Michelangelo. It is a very, very famous painting and known to many. Many tourists would visit Rome and take a look at this amazing painting inside The Vatican. The painting had taken about 4 years (1546-1550) and because it was Michelangelo's last painting it is treasured very much and well protected inside of The Vatican. After seeing pictures online of the painting I saw just how amazing and stunning the painting really is (It is Michelangelo we are talking about right).

Hannah :D said...

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Julia said...

This is quite the place! The building is huge,and could not be more amazing than it already is the walls are huge and I find it amazing that this is the biggest church in the world! Also I think it is very special because one of Jesus's twelve desciples are burried here, and Peter he is the one you will always read about in the holy bible, (next to Jesus).

Olivia said...

Michelangelo created this sculpture, the Pieta. The word "pieta" means pity!

Anonymous said...

Super Dooper Pooper Gage
the day after May 4th

The creater is the famous Michelangelo. It is called the Pieta (the a has an accent that goes up and left)

It was created in 1498 and 1499

It is in St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City

It was the only work Michelangelo ever put his signature on

The statue is of Mary holding Jesus after he was crucified

It is made out of marble

41° 54′ 8″ N, 12° 27′ 12″ E

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This week’s where in the world is a Late Renaissance Christian church called St. Peter’s Basilica. It is located in Vatican City, Rome 41°N and 12°E. It is one of the holiest Catholic sites and has the largest interior of all the Christian churches. “Holding a unique position in the Christian world” and “the greatest of all churches in Christendom” are only a few of the descriptions this amazing church has been given.

The final piece of art is called the Pietà. It is created by Michelangelo. It is a sculpture of the body of Jesus on the Virgin Mary’s lap after he was crucified. It is now in St. Peter’s Basilica. It was carved out of marble.

Hannah said...

Sorry this is late!
St. Peters
Geographic coordinates:
41°54′8″N 12°27′12″E

- St. Peters was until recently, the largest church ever built

-It is a Christian church

- Peter, one of Jesus' disciples is burried under the altar of the church

- The church was rebuilt in the 16th century by Renaissance masters including Bramante, Michelangelo and Bernini.

- It covers an area of 23,000 m² (5.7 acres) and has a capacity of over 60,000 people.

The final piece of art was created by Michelangelo. It is a marble statue of Mother Mary with crucified Jesus laying on her lap. It is called the Pietà.

Anonymous said...

My mom's been there!