Friday, May 6, 2011

For the Love of Elephants: The Nature of Things with David Suzuki : CBC-TV

For the Love of Elephants: The Nature of Things with David Suzuki : CBC-TV

Reflect on the above video For the Love of Elephants and the Toronto Star's article "Bob Barker offers to help pay for elephants to be moved from the Toronto Zoo". Write a short comment using the information that you gathered to share during this week's Circle of Respect discussion on Endangered Elephants.


superjepic said...

elephants are very social animals and very close to humans emotionaly.
enlphants live in heards.
elephants left orphand due to any cause must be adopted into new herds. if a elephant is not accepted into a new heard within 2 days it may never happen.

A Daniel once said...

I think that taking the animals out of the zoo is a great idea because not only is it a very bad enviroment for elephants to live in, but the elephants, like in the video, can undergo lots of stress from many things like too many people, or too tight space, or even being bothered by little, screaming, annoying children. But moving them to a more relieving place would result to less dying and sick elephants. I think elephants should be taken good care of as well as loved. And just because they are big and tough doesn't mean they can handle any kind of stress. The video showed me how much elephants should mean to us and how we should care for them more. The videos were also a little heartbreaking, seeing the poor elephants out in the wild all by them self. So I think we should take care of business and help out those elephants down at the Toronto Zoo.

Anonymous said...

I think that Bob Barker is right to move these elephants after paying part of the bill. I think this because I say that the elephants need a warmer environment to live in. I saw a video and it said that in past years at the Toronto Zoo seven of the ten elephants died because it was too cold for their bodies to take. There is also another elephant at the Edmonton zoo called Lucy and she has arthritis, they refuse to let Bob Barker move her. I also think that they deserve to move because they would be better off at a zoo in California where there is acres in the Elephant enclosure and they have a mud bath with tons of elephant friends to talk with. Also in the video "FOR THE LOVE OF ELEPHANTS" they say that elephants mourn their loved ones for a long time after they are dead or lost. So, an elephant that has just been brought into the Zoo would be additionally affected by the huge crowd of people, cold weather, and the loss of their friends. In this video I saw some nice people helping orphan elephants by taking them into a building like a farm and feeding, playing with and helping them get the skills that they will need to survive in the wild.

Julia said...

I think that if the elephants are moved out of the zoo that would be great, because not only is the habitat bad for the huge animals, but like it showed in the video elephants express uneasiness and stress. I learned so many things from this video, and I totally agree with Bob Barker.

What I Learned From the Article
The reasons the elephants have to be moved is: one, the climate is to cold. Two the area they are kept in is way too small. Mr. Barker quotes "I think they are healthier in the sanctuary, I won't hesitate to say that. Because they do have foot problems and arthritis, arthritis in this climate is undoubtedly painful and could cause great suffering."

Currently there are three elephants at the Toronto Zoo, but the zoo has had four elephants die in the past five years. Although the zoo's CEO, John Tracogna claims that the elephants receive proper medical care and are examined each day by a team of qualified veterinarians.

The zoo made an assessment in August 2010, and figured out that the cost of an n upgrade would be at least $40, 000, 000, which the zoo cannot afford.
If the elephants were to be moved their new home would be located at the PAWS sanctuary in San Andreas, California. Ed Stewart, director of sanctuary options for PAWS estimated that the cost of moving all the elephants to the sanctuary would be less than $100, 000.

Mr. Stewart would be the one who would coordinate the move, along with the keepers of the Toronto zoo, and even veterinarians would come too, according to Mr. Barker.
Mr. Stewart also said that the cost of keeping the elephants at the zoo ranges from $60, 000 to $100, 000 for one elephant each year.

Mr. Barker also has some other experience with elephants in Canada. Which involved an Asian elephant named Lucy who lived in Edmonton’s Valley Zoo. She suffered from a foot infection for almost 10 years, as well as a respiratory problem, she was in need of better care. Last month Bob Barker offered the city $100, 000 (to spend the way they chose), to have someone come in and look at Lucy. The city said no, she was already receiving proper care.

Mr. Barker even pointed out that many zoos around the world are closing there elephant exhibits because of the conditions they are put in. Some of which are The National Zoo of Scotland, the Central Park Zoo and The Bronx Zoo. These zoos decided to do what was best for the elephants.
The animal protection agency Zoo check has even offered to replace he elephant habitat with an elephant labyrinth, which will have interactive programs and displays.

This of course would be a more enjoyable experience than just standing watching the elephants, all day.

What I Learned From the Video
About 100 years ago over 1, 000, 000 elephants in Africa, now there is only around half a million and here is why: Baby African Elephants are possibly the most passionate and caring animals in the entire world, they need their family and their family needs them. They are dependant, and when orphaned need special care. The people working in the reserves (Kenya) have to show the babies love, to join a heard and to be social. If these things are not taught to the elephants they will have trouble getting into a heard, and they will be stuck. It is easy for baby elephants to become orphaned, since so many elephants are dying because of pains and arthritis the babies have nowhere else to go and are accepted into this reserve. Another reason is that when a habitat is destroyed that causes family structure to shake because of the lack of room, in the savannah, so baby elephants are stranded. Wild elephants travel in herds of mothers and their babies. An adult Bull would be more independent and separated from the rest of the clan as juveniles, but they could travel by themselves or in Bachelor herds. But males could also play the role of the maturate, who keeps the culture and balance.

Ingrid said...

I think that it is great that the elephants will be taken out of the zoo and be moved to the elephant sanctuary in San Andreas, California.

The two main reasons that the elephants should be moved are the climate and the area and conditions they live in.
The elephants have foot problems with their feet and arthritis, arthritis is undoubtedly more painful in the cold weather the elephants have to live in. Although Toronto Zoo CEO John Tragcogna claims that the elephant have being taken care of properly by qualified veterinarians.
First of all, the area they live in is way too small and second of all, the elephants must be bothered by all the screaming children that throw peanuts at them.
The zoo is home to 3 elephants, although they have witnessed four deaths in the past five years.
Bu the zoo decided to look at it logically, thce two best options: Move them to the sanctuary, or upgrade the current exhibit. When they did the math, upgrading the exhibit would cost them 40 million dollars(and the cost for caring for the elephants varies from sixty to one hundred thousand dollars per elephant, per year. While moving the elephants costs less than 100000 dollars. Plus it won't cost them a penny since Bob Barker volunteered to pay for the moving. Many other zoos including the London zoo, the central park zoo and the national zoo of Scotland are well-informed and have gotten rid of their elephants exhibits. The animal protection charity, Zoocheck Canada has given the Toronto Zoo the idea pf opening a elephant labyrinth with hands-on interactive activities instead of having the elephant exhibit, where you stand around looking at elephants.
Mr. Barker has had experiences in the past with elephants. When an elephant in Edmonton had a foot infection and respiratory problems,Mr. Barker helped her by offering to pay Edmonton 100000 dollars for the care of Lucy, the elephant. Now Lucy is still at the zoo, with proper medical health. Mr. Barker's opinion should be valued.
In the beginning 1900's the population of elephants ranged from around 5 to 10 million elephants, nowadays there are around 500000. The big reason why this is happening is because of ivory poaching. So many elephants have been killed this way, and when baby elephants see their herd get killed, they count themselves next and lose the strength to go on. This is very sad but fortunately there are things like Sheldrick trust, where they rescue these poor orphan baby elephants. Sometimes the don't even make it through the first night of being brought there, but sometimes, like in Sities case, they find a "step mom" and grow up to graduate and go on to roaming freely at Tsavo national park.
Elephants are amazing creatures that are have real emotion and are just truly spectacular animals.

Alex said...

I think Elephants are beautiful animals that need protecting. Many elephants die each year because they are poached for their ivory tusks. But would you think that the people that are supposed to be caring for these elephants are actually holding them back?

The Toronto zoo has been receiving complaints from Bob Barker, the former host of the price is right and an animal rights activist, who believes the three elephants that currently reside at the zoo should be moved for health reasons. Bob Barker is concerned that the elephants are living in a space too small, and a climate too cold. Barker plans to move them to the PAWS sanctuary in San Andres, California, he even says that he will cover the costs, which are expected to be under 100’000 dollars. If the Toronto zoo were to upgrade their current exhibit it could cost 40 million dollars, which the zoo has already said they can’t afford. Bob Barker also believes that the elephants have arthritis, which is already painful enough, no need to add the cold climate to the equation. Elephants are very social animals and when a loved one dies elephants tend to morn for a while, the Toronto zoo has seen four elephant deaths in the past five years, which would of course make the other elephants quite sad. The quality of life for these creatures could certainly be better. If the zoo moved the elephants to the PAWS sanctuary much arthritis pain would be relieved.

In Kenya a different story is taking place, and extraordinary group of men and women have come together to orphan baby elephants that have lost their mothers. Losing a loved one can be a traumatic experience for anyone, but if a baby elephant loses its mother it can be especially dreadful. At the elephant rehabilitation center in Nairobi, Kenya the hard-working staff care for the baby elephants just as if they were their mother. The people at this trust are so dedicated that they even made a special formula for the elephants to drink in substitute for their mother’s milk. The people at Sheldrick Trust nurture the calves psychologically in helping them cope with their loss.

Olivia said...

Bob Barker should move the elephants because they might not be able to handle the Canadian cold winters, and they are also being bothered by anoyying toddlers. The video showed that elephants can't take too much human attention. But that is what a zoo is for, for humans to pay attention to the animals. But on the down side, the video said that if an elephant is not welcomed into a herd in the first two ays it might not ever happen. The elephants might be seen as a threat because they are older so they might not be welcomed into the herd. These elphants should be moved, but moved into a zoo in a warmer part of the world, or a nature reserve.

Unknown said...

I think that moving the elephants is great. When I saw the video it was really sad. How would you feel if your mother was shot? I think that we are really close to elephants. They acted just like humans. So I think that because elephants are so close to humans in the way that we feel, we should not put them on display the way we do. I don't think that we would like it and I think that the elephants feel the same way because their emotional responses are like ours.Also the winters in Canada are way, way, way too cold for the elephants. Also I think that they should not be moved to a zoo but to nature reverse in a much warmer climate. I say this because Idon't think that the elephants like people staring at them for a whole day. I'd find that a bit strange andI don'tthink that I would like it. I think that we should all help the elephants a 'cause I don't think they like it here.


Anonymous said...

I think that moving the elephants from the Toronto zoo to California is a good idea. It is hard for the elephants to be held inside for the long Winters here in Canada. Elephants should be cared for and their needs should be met. One of their needs is a warm climate, which most of the time Canada does not have. They should not be kept inside because it is unfair to the elephants. I think Bob Barker is right about moving these animals. They will be happier and safer in a calmer, warmer area. I learned that elephants can also experience stress, so they will probably have a better life without being stuffed in a building for most of the year, and also without people starring at them and touching them. The zoo takes care of three elephants, but they have had four elephant deaths in the past five years. Bob Barker,an animal rights activist, has volunteered to pay for moving the elephants. The price of moving the elephants is estimated at only 100,000 dollars, while upgrading the elephant exhibit at the Toronto zoo would cost around 40 million dollars. Although the zoo loves their elephants, they do not have the money to upgrade their exhibit. Moving the elephants to California is a better choice for everybody. The elephants will be missed, but everybody knows that they will be happier.

In Kenya the people are taking care of orphaned elephants so that they might join a herd when they are older. They take care of the elephants and train them. The people in Kenya are making sure that the elephants are happy. They are also ensuring a great future for the elephants.

Hannah said...

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