Sunday, May 29, 2011

Literature Circle Response

1. Write at least one paragraph describing one of the characters in the book you are currently reading. Choose a character that you can connect with. How is this character like you? Remember to include lots of details and evidence from the book to support your thinking.

2. Write at least one paragraph describing a prediction that you made that actually happened in the book. Explain what you initially predicted and why you thought it would happen. Then tell exactly what happened in the book.

3. Which character from your book would you choose as a friend and why?


Liam said...

The character in The Jungle Book that I am describing is Baloo. Baloo is a bear that teaches the young wolves the Laws of the Jungle. Baloo is a lot like me because he is kind of forgetful. The book states this when Mowgli the Frog gets taken by the Bandar-log, Baloo is worried that Mowgli will for get the words of the animals eventhough Mowgli recited them before he was taken away. Baloo is also like me because he over-reacts in the same scene when he is mad at himself for not teaching Mowgli about the dangers of the Bandar-log.

One prediction that I made was that Shere Khan would be killed. I knew this because I remeber watching the animated movie when I was younger. I don't exactly remember the part about the death, but I remember scenes after the fight so it implies that Mowgli was still alive. I also didn't see Sher Khan anymore in the movie.

In the book, Shere Khan comes to kill Mowgli, he has already eaten and drunk that day so he was slower with his reactions. Mowgli finds out from a fellow wolf that Shere Khan is in a ravine near the village. Aleka, the Lone Wolf herded the cattle to block the exit of the ravine where Shere Khan was situated. Then Mowgli, riding Rama, lead the bull's into the ravine to trample Shere Khan. Shere Khan was trampled, and his hide was placed on Council Rock.

Anonymous said...

the book that I am reading is called "The Underneath". The character that I am describing is Puck he is a baby boy Calico cat that was born next to a nice hound dog called Ranger. Ranger kept them in the underneath of Gar-Face's porch to keep them safe from Gar-Face. Puck comes out of the underneath one day and he gets caught by Gar-Face. Puck is like me because he is very curious.

A prediction that I made is that one of the baby cats would go out of the underneath and get caught by Gar-Face, then almost become alligator bait. Puck did get caught and barely survive becoming alligator bait but His Mother went with him and drowned as far as I know.

In the book one character I would become friends with would be Ranger the Bloodhound. I would become friends with ranger because he seems to be a nice dog and would be nice to have around. He was shot by his owner, Gar-Face, then chained to a fence, so, I think he would be lonely.

Julia said...

The character in the book I am reading "Around the world in 80 days, By: Jules Verne" is Passepartout, he is Phileas's servent, and companion on his journey. I find I am most like him because there are really no women in the midst of the book. I think I am most like him because he always tries to assume that everyone is good, that each person will always tell the truth, but sometimes that is not true, and I do the exact same thing.For example in the book he denies that his master (Phileas Fog) is to good a man to do such a thing even though he does not know him quite that well. Also Passepartout is a man that often makes false accusasions and so do I, for example in the book he accused Fix of being a spy to make sure that they actually went all the way around the world, but it turned out not to be true.

A prediciton I made was that Phileas would save Auoda, (because she was being sacificed in order of love). She gladly thanked him when he did, I made this theory because Phileas seemed mad when he saw what was happening, and to such a beautiful woman he was exasperated. Also when he was taken to court for stealing the woman you knew something went on.

If I had to pick a friend in the book I would pick Philea Fogg, because he is smart, sweet, and when he sees something wrong he gos to fix it. I think he has all the qualities of a good friend and he always strives to be polite to others, and respect their wishes.

jellygirl said...

Anne of Green Gables

The character in "Anne of Green Gables," that I can relate to is Anne. She has a very wide scope of imagination. So do I. Sometimes, in the book she is telling Marilla about her imaginings, and sometimes its sounds like me. Sometimes, it even sounds exactly like me.

My predition for this book was that Anne would stay at Green Gables. I thought that because Matthew seemed to like her and I thought maybe Marilla would want to kkep her to help Matthew get over his shyness. I also predited this because the book is called, "Anne of Green Gables," and if she didn't stay there, why would it be called that?

I would probably want to be friends with Anne, because we both have such a good imagination. We would get along just fine. We would probably be the best of friends. Just like Anne is with Diana Barry.

aDA said...

I am reading Julie, a sequal to Julie of the Wolves. The character I am describing is Julie. She is kind and loyal. I know this because, she worries about her wolf pack that cared for her in her time of need. She calls out for them to stay away, because her father will do anything to protect his herd. Julie is torn between the father she loves and the wolf pack that cared for her. I cannot pretend to understand her, but I do wish I could help her, because I love wolves.

A prediction I made is that, while Julie is happy to be with her father, she is terribly sad that she is sepparated from her wolf pack. As it happens, she was terribly sad but very happy to be with her dad. She calls out to her wolves to stay away, but they do not listen.

I would like to be friends with Julie, because she is capable of being kind and compassionate yet she is independant.

Unknown said...

1. The character in my book (A Wrinkle In Time) that I am describing is Mr.Murry. I think Mr.Murry is like me because he disappears. This is sort of like me 'cause when I a at home I disappear with my book.Also he is interested in space and time,like me.

2. I predicted that Meg was going to save her Dad. I predicted this because the book talked lot about Meg's dad. I knew that I was right when Mrs. Whatsit we are going to save you dad Meg.

3. AS a friend I would pick Calvin or Mr.Murry.I would pick Calvin because he likes sports. I would pick Mr.Murry because he likes space and time.